The Has-Every-Intent Edition Saturday, November 19, 2016

Automation Technologies Will Continue To Be Supported In macOS, Apple Exec Craig Federighi Says In Customer Email, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Federighi responded with a definitive reply that Apple “has every intent” to continue supporting automation on macOS.

New iPhone Lock Screen Exploit Reveals Contact Information Without Passcode, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

A new exploit requiring precise timing in conjunction with physical access to a device that has Siri enabled on the lock screen has surfaced, giving attackers the ability to view contact information, including photos, and message logs.

Some Users Experiencing 'Three Finger Drag' Issues On New MacBook Pro, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Some users have speculated the trackpad's palm rejection feature could be to blame, particularly since the gesture appears to be buggiest along the edges.

MacBook Pro Integrated GPU Misidentified By System Profiler, Confusing Some Early Buyers, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

"The problem is a result of mistaken communication between the System Information developer team, and the hardware team," AppleInsider was told by a source within Apple. "The [Intel HD Graphics] 530 is reporting to the OS right, it's the System Information app database that's leading users down the primrose path."

My 2c On The iPad Vs Mac Debate, by Om Malik

Instead we need to think about the future from the perspective of those who are growing up today – kids who interact via touch and swipe, the toddlers who are learning to talk to Alexa and those who won’t need Lightroom because some machine somewhere will do the heavy lifting.


Blink Shell Is A Full SSH And Mosh Terminal For iPhone And iPad, by Thorin Klosowski, LifeHacker

A terminal emulator on your iPhone might sound a little silly for most of us, but SSH can come in pretty handy sometimes. For a while, one the best apps for doing so was Panic’s Prompt 2, but Blink Shell is an option that’s worth a look too.


Designing The New Uber App, by Didier Hilhorst, Medium

As we added more features and our products became more complex, we continued to strive to keep the original simplicity and speed of a single button. But we realized that speed was about much more than minimizing taps and streamlining flows. People were selecting the wrong product when they had to catch a movie (I’m looking at you, Uber Pool). Opportunities to save time by suggesting good pick-up spots were being missed.

In a fast growing environment it can become challenging to see the way ahead. So, to move past the comfort of our beginnings we decided to design the new Uber experience with a simple twist: “Start at the end.”

Brainstorming Product Names, by Rested Experience

There are tons of successful companies out there who are named based on gibberish words. Lots of young startups try to emulate this with their own naming. I do not recommend it. The problem with gibberish names is that it costs a ton in marketing efforts and time to teach people your name.

I prefer jargon words. Take some time and observe your audience. How do they describe the problems? How do they describe the solutions? These are the words they are going to search with. These are the words you want to relate with.


Flawed 3rd-party Chargers Reportedly Culprit In Apple's China iPhone 6 Investigation, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

Sources close to the investigation on Chinese iPhone 6 models failing with what appears to be a charged battery have told AppleInsider that the main cause of the problems appear to be not related to Apple engineering, but is directly related to the proliferation of low-quality third-party charging peripherals in the country.

Indie Rockers Airplane Mode Get Their Spark From Apple, by David Pierini, Cult Of Mac

The name and the resumes of three of the band’s musicians — well-established iOS designers — have led more than a few people to assume they have found a source of cute parody music about Apple culture.

In fact, you won’t find any iPhones, iMacs or odes to Steve Jobs in the lyrics of the tight, hard-charging synth-driven music. However, the band’s roots in Apple culture permeate everything else, from its use of technology and understanding of social engagement to its start-up energy.

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