The Replaced-By-Robots Edition Thursday, November 24, 2016

An American-Made iPhone? Not Happening., by Adam Minter, Bloomberg

Trump's supporters have embraced this news as a sign of his power to persuade wayward corporations to make America great again. But as Apple and its manufacturing partners know, and as President Trump will soon find out, it'll never happen. The U.S. lacks the workforce and supply chains necessary for Apple to move its iPhone operation back home. And more to the point, Americans shouldn't want it to. [...]

If Trump wants to revive manufacturing in the U.S., it will require more than hectoring Apple. It will mean supporting vocational education on a huge scale, offering Chinese-style industrial subsidies and waiting around for decades for all of it to have an effect -- all in pursuit of tedious, low-paid jobs that are increasingly obsolete as industrial robots improve.

In reality, an American iPhone is likely just one more empty campaign promise. And that's for the best.

Why Apple (Probably) Won't Make An ARM-powered Mac, by Jason Snell, Macworld

The Mac’s great strength is that, unlike iOS, it’s a mature platform with users who are comfortable using computers in the traditional mouse-and-keyboard context. Just as it doesn’t make sense for Apple to turn the Mac into something it’s not (like a tablet), it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Apple to force Mac users through a processor transition. The Mac is the platform of stability and “classic” computing interfaces; iOS is where all the change (and growth) happens.


Microsoft Brings Solitaire To iOS And Android, by Tom Warren, The Verge

While the game as existed on Windows for more than 25 years, the modern Solitaire Collection will now be available outside of Windows for the first time. Microsoft is offering its Solitaire Collection on iOS and Android free of charge, as the company hopes to gain more players to add to the 119 million who have played the game on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Competing With Big Business: How Apps Are Empowering SMB Retailers On Small Business Saturday, by Michael Devins, CBS Boston

An iOS device serves as a great communication tool out of the box, but the rich library of business apps in the iOS App Store can it easy and affordable for a small or medium-sized business (SMB) to get up and running. Turn an iPad into a cash register, create and submit expense reports on the go, and even transform business processes such as managing a sales cycle or signing contracts.


Bruce Schneier: 'The Internet Era Of Fun And Games Is Over', by Austin Powell, Daily Dot

"As the chairman pointed out, there are now computers in everything. But I want to suggest another way of thinking about it in that everything is now a computer: This is not a phone. It’s a computer that makes phone calls. A refrigerator is a computer that keeps things cold. ATM machine is a computer with money inside. Your car is not a mechanical device with a computer. It’s a computer with four wheels and an engine… And this is the Internet of Things, and this is what caused the DDoS attack we’re talking about."

Trump Says He Talked To Tim Cook About Building iPhones In The US, by Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

At this point, Trump mostly seems to be dropping Cook’s name to give some appearance of progress, much as he did when erroneously taking credit for saving a Ford factory last week. He also mentioned having a “great call” with Bill Gates this week. Of course, Trump and his Republican Congress haven’t taken office yet, so not much progress can be made on his agenda for another couple months.

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