The Free-Water Edition Sunday, November 27, 2016

Review: Apple's 13" MacBook Pro With Touch Bar, by Neil Hughes, AppleInsider

A more lasting change, however, still noticeable after adjusting to the MacBook Pro, is the loudness of the keyboard. That's right: It's noticeably louder than the previous-generation MacBook Pro.

We suspect most people won't notice or care about this, or they'll adjust to it. And frankly the fact that the redesigned switch style doesn't bother us is the best thing we can say for the new, thinner keyboard. It's not a problem, but you should know that it is different.

‘Water For Free’ App Now Lists Over 1,000 Hong Kong Drinking Fountains And Dispensers, by Hong Kong Free Press

By downloading it, one can easily locate a water fountain or dispenser nearby and drink “water for free” rather than paying for outrageously overpriced bottled water. In turn, this reduces the number of plastic bottles entering our landfills and ocean every day.

Ears, Hands Or Eyes, by Michael Eisenberg, TechCrunch

I would also suggest that in order for an innovative new device to take off and become a platform, it actually needs to pioneer a new user interface that utilizes a different one of our limbs or senses. [...]

I think this, however, points us to where the real opportunity is: My ears, and, by extension, my mouth. I think Amazon and Apple are onto something with Alexa and the wireless AirPods, respectively. Apple, the creator of the smartphone touch interface revolution, has intuited that Bluetooth, sensors, a wireless chip and other basics of smartphone computing can be packed into my ears. Amazon, who whiffed on the Fire, has decided to leapfrog a generation and move to voice.

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Things that I've done on a Sunday afternoon today:

* Listening to cantonese hip-hop music from Hong Kong.

* Browsing breakfast menu of diners half-way around the globe.

* Selecting the next library book to borrow while not sitting in a library.

Ah, the internet.


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