The Stop-Stalkerware Edition Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear Apple: Give Us Control Over Stalkerware, by Michael S. Fischer, Medium

Don’t allow app developers to disable the “when using the app” Location privacy option.

It’s simply unnecessary for Uber or others to track us when the app isn’t in use. How do we know this? Because these apps worked adequately before they disabled this option. We were able to meet our drivers by opening the app, finding our location, and hailing a driver. We gave them enough information to get the job done, and we were satisfied with the results.

How Netflix Keeps Downloads From Eating Up All Your Phone Storage, by Janko Roettgers, Variety

Netflix is cutting each and every video into one-to-three-minute-long chunks. Computers then analyze the visual complexity of each and every of these clips, and encode with settings that are optimized for its visual complexity.

The Daunting Task Of Making AI Funny, by Katharine Schwab, Fast Company

But while completing practical tasks is the goal of most chatbots and virtual assistants, we don't have conversations simply to get things done. Conversation can also bring connection and joy, and laughter is one of the most fundamental mechanisms for making people feel comfortable and creating positive associations and memories. Tech companies, from giants to small startups, are investing in humor because they view it as an integral part of the human experience—and the key to their bots and assistants slipping smoothly into our lives.


Procreate For iPad Adds Photoshop PSD Import, Screen Capture/live Streaming, Keyboard Shortcuts And More, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

PSD import fills a big hole in the iPad creation workflow allowing users to bring in their Photoshop projects from the desktop, and continue editing on the tablet with Procreate. Importing a PSD file preserves layers, groupings and blend modes for a seamless transition.

Review: Apple Watch Nike+, by Natalie Diblasio, Stuff

With the Apple Watch Nike+ on my wrist, I never have to stop my run and pull out my phone -- and it makes a huge difference. Other devices, like the Fitbit, will display texts, but don't allow you to respond. While it doesn't offer in-depth statistics, the watch certainly helps fit exercise more seamlessly into your life.


Apple Korea Blamed For Loophole In Mobile App Refund Policy, by Yoon Sung-won, South China Morning Post

Some users have abused the loophole in Apple’s refund policy to purchase charged content multiple times, request refunds and continue to consume the content without actually paying for it.