The Well-Done-Ruth Edition Monday, February 27, 2017

Hands On: D-Link Apple HomeKit Omna Security Camera, by Adam Turner, Sydney Morning Hearld

D-Link's Omna 180 Cam HD has a lot to offer, with impressive picture quality and the ability to quickly alert you when something moves at home while you're out on the road. From a security perspective, its lack of cloud upload features is an Achilles Heel which some users might not be able to overlook.

Was I Wrong To Think An Apple Watch Might Improve My Life?, by John Kelly, Washington Post

It took me a while to persuade my new Apple Watch to stop calling me Ruth.

Whenever the watch thought I was in need of positive reinforcement, the words “Well done, Ruth!” would light up on its shiny, touch-sensitive face.

The Apple Pay Way: Small Banks Win, Big Banks Lose, by Kate Fitzgerald, Payments Source

In essence, the big banks argue that Apple has an unfair advantage by hobbling efforts to develop their own NFC mobile wallets, which some banks have done on Google's Android platform.

But the small banks see this situation a different way: Apple has leveled the playing field.

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