The Identified-Vulnerabilities Edition Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Apple Says That ‘Many’ Of The Exploits Exposed In Today’s WikiLeaks Dump Have Already Been Patched, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

In the statement Apple explains that it is deeply committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of its customers. While it says that “many” of the issues leaked today have already been patched, Apple also says that it will continue to work to address any identified vulnerabilities.

Targets Of C.I.A. Hacking Revealed By WikiLeaks: Smartphones And Smart TVs, by Steve Lohr, New York Times

Apple’s iPhone software, according to the documents, was a particular target, including the development of several “zero day” exploits — a term for attacking coding flaws the company wouldn’t have known about.

Though Apple has only 15 percent of the global smartphone market, the intensive C.I.A. effort was likely explained by the “popularity of the iPhone among social, political, diplomatic and business elites.” [...]

In 2010, the Obama administration promised to disclose newly discovered vulnerabilities to companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft. But the WikiLeaks documents indicate that the agency found security flaws, kept them secret and then used them for surveillance and intelligence gathering.


Finances 2 — Beautifully Detailed Bookkeeping App For iOS And Mac, by Rajat Sharma, Beautiful Pixels

Finances 2 seeks to bring modernity to an already polished interface of its predecessor, additional features such as multiple accounts and currencies, a better sync engine, as well as bring the power of its bookkeeping features to macOS.

The Lofree Mechanical Keyboard Is Both Nostalgic And Practical, by Bryan M. Wolfe, AppAdvice

The Lofree’s unique design featuring round, concave buttons, does present a learning curve. Even Lofree admits that it might take of few days until your fingers are used to the experience. I would agree.

It took me nearly a week before I was entirely comfortable with the process. The wait was worth it, however. Thanks to Lofree, I enjoy typing at my desk again.

I Wish My Fingers Could Get Used To This Adorable Mac Keyboard, by Sam Byford, The Verge

I’m a writer, after all, and much as I may care about dinky design and clicky keys, I do need to be able to write on any keyboard that’s going to stick around on my desk.

Your fingers may feel differently, however, and even if they don’t I wouldn’t write the Lofree off altogether. Its compact, attractive, wireless design and ability to switch between devices makes it perfect as a keyboard you can leave out on display and use around the house for light tasks.


Apple Cracking Down On Developers Who Use SDKs Like Rollout To Update Apps Without App Store Approval, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple today has started informing developers that use “hot code push” SDKs that it will soon start rejecting their applications. In a thread on the Apple Developer Forums, developers are reporting that they have started receiving messages from the company explaining that the code must be removed before any further updates will be approved.


Judge Blocks FBI From Forcing Fingerprints From Targets To Unlock iPhones, by Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune

In the latest skirmish over privacy in the cellphone age, a federal judge in Chicago has rejected a law enforcement request to force potential targets in an ongoing investigation to provide fingerprints to unlock any iPhones or other Apple devices.

Apple Accused Of Banning iPhone Ads From Chinese Newspapers Critical Of China, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Apple is claimed to have interfered with advertising campaigns cellphone carriers in Australia posted in local Chinese-language media outlets, with a report alleging the iPhone producer did not want to be seen as supporting newspapers critical of the Chinese government.

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