The Star-Struck-And-Inspired Edition Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Teen Programmer Met Apple's Tim Cook And Craig Federighi Then Built An App To Improve Your Commute, by Julie Bort, Yahoo

Tim Cook always makes an appearance with the teen scholarship winners at WWDC. When Royzen met him, he was both star struck and inspired, he says. "I felt so much appreciation. This is the man who makes my work possible. I asked him to sign my iPhone. I look at the signature to push myself harder as a developer and even as a human."

But it was an interaction with Federighi that really influenced him. The head of software spent a few minutes talking to Royzen about his work and some of Apple's new dev tools.

The result is Royzen's latest app called Ryde, which will helps you manage your daily commute so you always arrive on time. Royzen built it because he noticed that some days it took him longer to get to school than other days, he said.

I Invented The Web. Here Are Three Things We Need To Change To Save It, by Tim Berners-Lee, The Guardian

I may have invented the web, but all of you have helped to create what it is today. All the blogs, posts, tweets, photos, videos, applications, web pages and more represent the contributions of millions of you around the world building our online community. All kinds of people have helped, from politicians fighting to keep the web open, standards organisations like W3C enhancing the power, accessibility and security of the technology, and people who have protested in the streets. In the past year, we have seen Nigerians stand up to a social media bill that would have hampered free expression online, popular outcry and protests at regional internet shutdowns in Cameroon and great public support for net neutrality in both India and the European Union.

It has taken all of us to build the web we have, and now it is up to all of us to build the web we want – for everyone.


Pocket Casts 6.5 Review: iOS Podcast App Emphasizes Graphics And Simplicity, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

Pocket Casts' simplicity targets people who have figured out the podcasts to which they want to listen, and who don’t spend a lot of time building playlists and switching between them, or triaging among a lot of episodes of subscribed podcasts to figure out which to listen to.

Hands On: Microsoft OneNote Is Powerful, But Needs Office To Shine, by Mike Wuerthele, AppleInsider

The strength and weakness of Microsoft's note taking app, OneNote, is that it works best alongside Word and Outlook.


Google, Microsoft Still Waiting On Wikileaks To Deliver CIA Hacking Tools, by Thomas Fox-Brewster, Forbes

Google did not offer official comment, but two sources close to the company's security staff said there had been no contact. One said there was now concern Wikileaks had duped the public with a PR move of little to no substance, though on Thursday one external Android security expert who'd reviewed the CIA files said it appeared there were multiple vulnerabilities Google would need to address.

"We've seen Julian Assange's statement and have not yet been contacted," a Microsoft spokesperson said in an emailed statement Friday, originally sent to press on Thursday, the same day Assange claimed Wikileaks would help provide "antidotes" for CIA exploits before publishing them. As of Saturday, Microsoft had not provided any further update, after Forbes' enquiries. Wikileaks had not returned requests for comment.

Resist The Internet, by Ross Douthat, New York Times

But what if we decided that what’s good for the Silicon Valley overlords who send their kids to a low-tech Waldorf school is also good for everyone else? Our devices we shall always have with us, but we can choose the terms. We just have to choose together, to embrace temperance and paternalism both. Only a movement can save you from the tyrant in your pocket.

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I wonder if Amazon somehow knew I was watching "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" on my iPhone, and just when I was about to finish watching the series, the Kindle store popped up with a discounted "box set" of the two Douglas Adam's books.

(I enjoyed the BBC/Netflix series, but not as much as I would liked.)


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