The Adding-Voices Edition Sunday, April 16, 2017

Technology Brings History To Life: App Enables People To Listen As They Walk The Stations Of The Cross, by Joan Kern, Lancaster Online

While listening to the Apple conference speaker, it occurred to Anderson that St. Thomas’ Stations of the Cross could be shared with the blind and visually impaired by simply adding braille to the signs that identify the stations and adding voices to the app, “Stations at St. Thomas.”

Last month, his ideas became reality. New signs now hang beside the stations that include braille, and the app, which he created (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only), includes full audio for meditations from the Episcopal “Book of Occasional Services.”

Apple Vs Google Vs Microsoft: Who Will Get To The Future Of PCs First?, by Dieter Bohn, The Verge

You can spend the next few months and years watching genuine competition between companies motivated to make the best possible products. And even better, those products will be available at prices that used to mean "crap" but will soon mean "why would I spend twice as much?" And if the web and app developers keep supporting all three, you won't have to compromise a ton by opting for any one of them.

Let's break down exactly what Google, Apple, and Microsoft have in store for this battle.


What Free Mental Health Apps Should I Know About?, by Sam Dylan Finch, Wear Your Voice

For me, in addition to therapy and medication, I’ve relied on mental health apps to keep it together. Yep, my iPhone is what keeps me sane, and I would quickly lose my marbles without it. Whether you’re in crisis or just looking for a quick tuneup, apps can be a surprisingly great way to manage your mental health and regulate your mood.

Almost every day, I use three different apps to help keep me on track. I’m excited to share them with you now – and even more excited to let you know that every single one of them is free. It’s worth checking out and sharing them with literally everyone (your BFF, your grandma, your angry boss, etc) — because who wouldn’t benefit from a little self-care?

Tomates Time Management Is A Super Customizable Pomodoro Timer For Mac, by Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

A true Pomodoro timer really doesn’t need to be anything more than a short countdown clock, but for anyone who wants a little more, Tomates also works as a lightweight work tracking system.

The Apps To Use If You Want To Keep Your Messages Private, by Kurt Wagner, Recode

What products should you be using to enhance your privacy? We took a look at more than a dozen consumer messaging services to give you a better idea.

Star Trek Sunday

Redshirts Aren't Likeliest To Die — And Other 'Star Trek' Math Lessons, by Sarah Lewin,

"'Star Trek' is very famous today, and it predicted a lot of technology and included a lot of science fiction ideas: futuristic technology such as warp speed, going faster than light, transporters that teleport you from one place to another and green alien space babes," Grime said. "And all of those things have been discussed in great detail in the past by scientists, by nerds — especially the green alien space babes — to which I say, Boring!"

"'Star Trek' is a science fiction show, but there's no such thing as maths fiction," he added. "Surely, any maths that appears in the show should be on firmer ground, right?"

Bottom of the Page

As someone who is accustomed to the 'fact' that a larger-screen thing cost more than a similar-but-smaller-screen thing, it just doesn't feel right for an iPad to be so much more cheaper than an iPhone.

Yes, I know they are definitely apples-to-oranges comparison, but, hey, isn't an iPad just a large iPhone? :-)


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