The Core-Privacy-Component Edition Friday, June 9, 2017

With New Browser Tech, Apple Preserves Privacy And Google Preserves Trackers, by Alan Toner, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Google and the CBA want to address the visibly annoying aspects of ads while ignoring the deeper privacy issues. Instead, they should take their lead from Apple on this one. Ad quality needs to improve and advertisers must abandon any attempt to hijack our attention with disruptive audio, flashing animation, or screen takeovers. But this alone will not win back the trust of users alienated by an ad system run amok. Users should be given more control over the ads they are shown, and their Do Not Track demands must be honored. The web should be about opening up new possibilities both individually and collectively, but the feeling of being monitored can create unease that information about us could be misused or revealed without our permission. Since the Web has become central to human thought and communication, surveilling it without an opt-out is a fundamental intrusion into human cognition and conversation. Any plan to make ads "better" that lacks a core privacy component is fundamentally broken.

What's Wrong With Apple's New Headquarters, by Adam Rogers, Wired

You can’t understand a building without looking at what’s around it—its site, as the architects say. From that angle, Apple’s new HQ is a retrograde, literally inward-looking building with contempt for the city where it lives and cities in general. People rightly credit Apple for defining the look and feel of the future; its computers and phones seem like science fiction. But by building a mega-headquarters straight out of the middle of the last century, Apple has exacerbated the already serious problems endemic to 21st-century suburbs like Cupertino—transportation, housing, and economics. Apple Park is an anachronism wrapped in glass, tucked into a neighborhood.

A Trip To Infinite Loop … Two Decades Later, by James Thomson, 512 Pixels

I visited Infinite Loop for the first time around twenty years ago, and decided to properly document my visit. All these photos were all taken on my trusty film camera, and the negatives scanned some years later. They were promptly forgotten about until now.


My Favorite New App Is A Beautiful Coloring Book That Just Won Apple's Prestigious Design Award, by Avery Hartmans, Business Insider

Lake may be one of several apps that jumped on the adult-coloring-book trend, but it's also one of the best out there. It's well-designed, easy to use, and doesn't have any unnecessary features or annoying ads — instead, it's just you, a couple types of paint brushes, a huge color palette, and some beautiful illustrations.


4 New Apple API's You Didn't Hear About In The WWDC Keynote, by Steven McMurray, Y Media Labs

With so much hype around Apple’s keynote announcements, it’s easy to miss the real innovations that come from the APIs released during the WWDC’s developer sessions.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 4 APIs that you didn’t hear about in the WWDC keynote which could have a huge impact on your overall business.


Tech CEOs Cook, Bezos, Catz Said To Attend Kushner-Led Summit, by Mark Bergen and Brian Womack, Bloomberg

Leaders from the largest technology companies are set to visit the White House later this month for an inaugural meeting of President Donald Trump’s group formed to modernize government services, according to three people familiar with the plans. They will arrive weeks after many tech chiefs publicly split with Trump on his decision to exit the Paris climate deal.

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While everyone at San Jose had just a week of conference with talks and labs and presentations and hands-on, I've just only finished watching the Keynote.


As an occasional Microsoft Office user, I found that I am more productivity with the previous menu-and-toolbar interface than the current ribbon interface. For one thing, in previous versions of Microsoft Office, I've had always created and customized a just-for-me toolbar that is exactly the 10% of all the features that I need. (And for other features, I've had the menu bar.)


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