The iPad-In-Hands Edition Monday, July 17, 2017

Apple Aims To Get An iPad In The Hands Of Every Hospital Patient, by Sarah Buhr, TechCrunch

Doctors are already adept at using mobile devices and many have been using iPads in their practices for a number of years now, but allowing patient’s access to their own information is still a novel idea in the medical world. Cedars has been somewhat ahead of the curve with the creation of its EHR software My CS-Link, which allows patients to look up their information online, including notes from their doctor.

However, without the iPad, doctors and nurses have to follow a paper trail and then write up duplicate information on a white board often found on the back wall in the patient’s room. Mistakes can happen and, as Cedars-Sinai doctor Shaun Miller told me, the staff often run out of room to write, leading to confusion or a lack of information for the patient.

Content Isn't King, by Benedict Evans

Yet after a couple of decades of trying, the tech industry now dominates the living room, and is transforming what ‘video’ means, but with the phone, not the TV. The reason Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV and everything else feel so anti-climactic is that getting onto the TV was a red herring - the device is the phone and the network is the internet. The smartphone is the sun and everything else orbits it. Internet advertising will be bigger than TV advertising this year, and Apple’s revenue is larger than the entire global pay TV industry. This is also why tech companies are even thinking about commissioning their own premium shows today - they are now so big that the budgets involved in buying or creating TV look a lot less daunting than they once did. A recurring story in the past was for a leading tech company to go to Hollywood, announce its intention to buy lots of stuff, and then turn pale at the first rate card it was shown and say “wow - that’s really expensive!”. They have the money now, not from conquering TV but from creating something bigger.


Artists, Go Forth And Procreate, Without Leaving A Mess, by Jason Gagliardi, The Australian

Mention “Procreate” and Tasmania in the same sentence and most people will roll their eyes and steel themselves for the inevitable incest joke. Unless, of course, they are fans of one of the great Australian app success stories which leads the world in digital painting for the iPad.


Apple Launches Large-Scale Apple Pay Promotional Campaign In China, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

A total of 28 brick-and-mortar retail outlets are named in the campaign, including supermarkets and restaurants such as 7-Eleven, Watsons, Burger King and Starbucks, while 16 online merchants such as are also participating, with discounts varying between businesses.


The Apple Pay promotion is the largest of its kind to date in China, where third-party mobile payments are dominated by Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings, which run Alipay and WeChat Pay, respectively.

The Rise Of The Voice Interface, by Martin Legowiecki, VentureBeat

Exchanging ideas, sharing goals and forming agreements help establish a common history and build trust and unity. The more trust we have in the Amazon Skill or Google Home Action we’re installing the more likely we are to keep using it. The brands that understand the power of a real conversation will be the ones fostering

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How long more before we find HomePod competitors touting they have FM Radio?


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