The No-Longer-Hosting Edition Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Apple Axes Annual Apple Music Festival In London After 10 Years, by Tim Ingham, Music Business Worldwide

Apple has confirmed to MBW that it will no longer be hosting the annual Apple Music Festival at London’s Roundhouse.


The annual show was first held in 2007 – typically running for a month at a time with concerts every night, and tickets going to competition winners.

Readers Report Apple Unofficially Offering Free Repairs On Devices Damaged In Hurricane Harvey, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Readers in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey are reporting that in at least some cases Apple is offering free repairs to water-damaged devices, as well as those which suffered impact damage during the evacuation. Neither type of damage would normally be covered under warranty.

Tim Cook's National Tour

Apple Is Ready To Play Politics In Iowa, by Victor Luckerson, The Ringer

“I think we have a moral responsibility to help grow the economy, to help grow jobs, to contribute to this country.” That’s not a politician talking. It’s Apple CEO Tim Cook, stumping across the American Heartland in the waning weeks of summer. Cook (probably) has no intention of running for political office, but he’s aware that corporate executives are increasingly expected to do good by people who aren’t their own shareholders. The United States is careening through the Trump years with a partially-staffed government and a lack of coherent administrative vision. Meanwhile, tech giants are steadily amassing greater power, even as individual users and politicians become more skeptical that their growing influence is in the public interest. High-profile leaders like Cook have no choice but to campaign for their companies if they want to maintain the goodwill Silicon Valley has enjoyed since Apple first supplanted Microsoft as the sector’s more empathetic standard-bearer.

So it makes sense that one stop on Cook’s national tour was Des Moines, Iowa, where he announced that Apple was opening a new data center in the nearby suburb of Waukee.The $1.3 billion facility will help ensure online users across North America can continue flaking on appointments via iMessage and answering mundane trivia via Siri. At 400,000 square feet, it’s a massive, expensive reminder that all digital ephemera must ultimately wind its way back to the rows and rows of hulking back servers that keep the internet humming.

Forget Wall Street – Silicon Valley Is The New Political Power In Washington, by Olivia Solon, The Guardian

While the big banks and pharma giants have flexed their economic muscle in the country’s capital for decades, there’s one relative newcomer that has leapfrogged them all: Silicon Valley. Over the last 10 years, America’s five largest tech firms have flooded Washington with lobbying money to the point where they now outspend Wall Street two to one.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon spent $49m on Washington lobbying last year, and there is a well-oiled revolving door of Silicon Valley executives to and from senior government positions.

Tech’s ‘Give Back’ Moment, by John Biggs, TechCrunch

In short, the companies with the most promise for solving the big problems – AI, VR, self-driving vehicles – are avoiding the economical and societal issues associated with these inventions. Countless smaller companies and people have added levels to the towers upon which Apple, Amazon, and Google now build. But the stairs are walled off and there is little hope for those left behind.


The New Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones Have Better Noise Canceling And Apple’s W1 Chip, by Chris Welch, The Verge

When connected to a W1-supported Apple product, the headphones should reach wireless battery life of 22 hours with noise cancellation on — or up to 40 hours in audio-only “low power” mode. Beats says that audio quality doesn’t change or degrade with noise cancelling disabled.

iOS Cropping, by Dr. Drang, And Now It's All This

Instead of dragging the crop handles at the corners of the image, touch and drag from the middle of an edge. For God knows what reason, cropping this way doesn’t change the position of the other crop handles. I say this is unintuitive because the handles at the corners look like the things you should be grabbing and moving. There are no visual clues that dragging from the middle of an edge is allowed.


‘Angry Birds’ Maker Rovio Plans I.P.O. In Helsinki, by Chad Bray, New York Times

Rovio helped usher in the rise of smartphone games, building an empire around the “Angry Birds” brand. In the game, released in 2009, users fling birds at elaborate structures built by pigs that have stolen their eggs.

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