The Updating-To-Eleven Edition Sunday, September 17, 2017

7 Settings To Change Right Away On iOS 11, by Matt Elliott, CNET

Given the frightening number of drivers I see each and every day with their eyes not on the road but in their laps, this might be the best new feature of iOS 11. It keeps calls, texts and notifications from distracting you when you are behind the wheel. After you install iOS 11, one of the setup screens will ask you if you want to enable Do Not Disturb While Driving.


iOS 11 has wrestled control away from developers for how and when apps access your location and given it to you. No longer can a developer offer only Always or Never for the tracking options for location services. Now, you'll be able to choose While Using the App whether the developer likes it or not. Head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to adjust the settings for all of your apps that use location services.

Apple's "Town Squares" Show That Tech Wants To Look More Transparent Than It Is, by Stephanie M. Lee, BuzzFeed

But the use of the term “town square” illustrates something bigger than a questionable branding strategy by Apple. It highlights the tension in Silicon Valley companies’ increasing tendency to make their buildings — from their stores to their headquarters — look more open, more inclusive, and more like part of cities. It’s not just Apple. Facebook and Twitter have done it too. Projecting the appearance of transparency, but not always the reality of it, is how the tech industry sells itself to customers and politicians alike.

What's The Big Deal With All These Bezel-free Phones?, by Elizabeth Stinson, Wired

Still, the tradeoff can be worth it for what many tech companies see as the most important factor of all. "The screen is all that matters,” says Argodesign's Rolston. Yes, the bezel offers extra protection when a phone gets dropped, and it gives users a place to put their fingers without smudging up the screen. But the desire for a completely immersive screen experience has long outweighed those benefits.

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What am I really excited about iOS 11? The Control Centre. I'm tired of switching between the different panels in iOS 10.

I wonder which annoys me more though: switching between Control Centre's panels, or switching between Notification Centre and Today Widgets.

You gain some, you lose some.


Apple is never getting rid of X-as-Ten naming, is it?


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