The Losing-Employees Edition Sunday, October 1, 2017

Apple’s Global Web Of R&D Labs Doubles As Poaching Operation, by Alex Webb, Bloomberg

In recent years, Apple Inc. has quietly put together a global network of small research and development labs, from the French Alps to New Zealand.

Nothing unusual about that for a company that spends $11 billion a year on R&D. Look a little closer, however, and you'll notice that many of these labs are located near companies with a strong record in mapping, augmented reality and other areas Apple is pushing into. In several cases, these companies lost employees to Apple not long after the iPhone maker came to town. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller declined to comment.

Apple Shows Off Portrait Lighting Feature In New iPhone 8 Plus Video, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple today has shared a new advertisement for the iPhone 8 Plus touting the new Portrait Lighting feature.

Stop The Endless Scroll. Delete Social Media From Your Phone, by Elizabeth Stinson, Wired

“Part of the battle is teaching yourself you don't need these apps as much as you think you do,” Alter says. And it’s true. I no longer feel like I need the apps, but it’s nice to know I still want them.

How A Teenager Battling Heart Disease Got His Video Game Into The App Store, by Michelle Castillo, CNBC

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and mobile app developer Bottle Rocket, Allis got the chance to live out his dream. He created a game called Planet SCRAM that made it to Apple's App Store.

Procreate 4 For iPad, by Craig Grannell, Stuff

It’s ideal for anyone armed with an iPad who fancies a spot of digital painting – and a robust, feature-rich, friendly environment in which to do so.

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I've updated my Mac to High Sierra. (Hi!) I still miss the Mac OS X welcome video, with the big X. Even though it has been so long since the last one, the X is no longer in the name of the operating system.

Maybe iPhone X will have a welcome video with a big X. :-)


So far, no surprises in High Sierra for me. That's good.


Thanks for reading.