The Delayed-iMessages Edition Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Delayed Messages Bug In High Sierra May Relate To Planned iCloud Message Syncing, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Some macOS High Sierra users are reporting delays in receiving iMessages on their Macs, while also finding that they are no longer receiving iMessage notifications on their iOS devices and Apple Watches.

That latter fact suggests that the bug may be related to Apple’s plans to offer iCloud sync of messages later this year.

iTunes U Collections Officially Moved To Podcasts App On iOS, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple today has updated its iTunes U app for iOS with a notable change. The update, which brings the app to version 3.6, follows precedent set by the most recent release of iTunes and moves iTunes U Collections to the Podcasts app.

The New MacBook Keyboard Is Ruining My Life, by Casey Johnston, The Outline

Perhaps it’s true that less dirt gets under butterfly switched-keys. But therein lies the problem — when dirt does get in, it cannot get out. A piece of dust is capable of rendering a butterfly switch nonfunctional. They key won't click, and it won’t register whatever command it’s supposed to be typing. It’s effectively dead until someone can either shake loose the debris trapped under it or blow at the upside-down keyboard Nintendo-cartridge style.

GE Joins With Apple To Make Industrial Apps For Mobile Devices, by Alex Webb, Bloomberg

General Electric Co. is teaming up with Apple Inc. to develop mobile apps for managing machinery, factories and power plants as the industrial giant steps up efforts to sell software and services.

The Boston-based company on Oct. 26 will publish a toolkit it has built with Apple that helps developers build software for iPhones and iPads that uses its Predix data-collection and analysis tool, Kevin Ichhpurani, the head of sales at GE’s digital division, said in an interview. Apple is making Predix its preferred tool for connected factories.

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I was watching someone drawing on an iPad with an Apple pencil, and I was jealous. Not because I don't have an Apple pencil, but that I can't draw.

I don't exepct to be magically able to draw stuff if I do get an Apple pencil. But, I wonder if there are apps that teaches me to draw?

(There has to be, right?)


Speaking of teach -- I wonder what happened to those music lessons in GarageBand? Maybe I should learn how to play a musical instrument instead.


Or maybe just learn Swift? That I can manage...


Thanks for reading.