The Up-Next Edition Sunday, October 22, 2017

Chicago's New Apple Store Opens; 'Feels Like Home,' 1st Customer Says, by Taylor Hartz, Chicago Sun-Times

Paul Zhu, 18, stood in line for 27 hours to be the new store’s first customer. Stopping for selfies with Cook and Ahrendts, Zhu hurried into a building he said “feels like home.”

Apple Should Re-imagine The iPod Shuffle, by GSM Arena

Through this paradigm shift in my music consumption habits, the one iPod that stayed with me was my trusty 4th Generation iPod shuffle, because it was a perfect fit for fitness and sports activities.

Apple Files For The 'Apple Music UP NEXT' Trademark Just As Spotify Announces Its Copycat Feature Called 'RISE', by Jack Purcher, Patently Apple

Apple introduced the new feature back in April which is designed to promote music's next generation of artists on Apple Music.

Apple Sued By Japanese Company That Owns Animoji Trademark, by Shannon Liao, The Verge

The Tokyo-based company, Emonster, filed the suit on Wednesday in US federal court, saying, “Apple made the conscious decision to try to pilfer the name for itself.” The company’s CEO, Enrique Bonansea, is a US citizen living in Japan.


Hands On: LookUp 4.0 For The iPhone And iPad Can Make Browsing A Dictionary A Pleasure, by Mike Wuerthele and William Gallagher, AppleInsider

You either look up a dictionary because you need to quickly check what something means or because you just relish definitions and the history of words. Newly updated LookUp 4.0 aims to satisfy both uses with a redesign that concentrates on speed and gorgeous presentation. Alongside photos or line artwork that every word definition displays, the app now names and defines anything you point your camera at.

Logitech's Circle 2 Wired Is The Best Camera With Apple's HomeKit - For Now, by Roger Fingas, AppleInsider

If you want an iPhone- or iPad-connected security camera and you're going the HomeKit route, the Circle 2 is easily the best choice at the moment. The only other HomeKit-compatible camera is the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD, which records solely to microSD and has other drawbacks as well.

The operative words here are "at the moment." The hardware itself is cost-competitive, but its (paid) subscription plans aren't, and it desperately needs a louder speaker. Some form of local storage option would be good for backup purposes.

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I will support a movement to simplify the whole HTML-CSS-Javascript mess that is today's web. All this still feels like programming for MS-DOS, and we are all waiting for the Mac Toolbox.


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