The Siri-In-iMac Edition Sunday, November 19, 2017

iMac Pro To Feature A10 Fusion Coprocessor, Possibly For Always-on ‘Hey Siri’, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Troughton-Smith notes on Twitter that the A10 Fusion chip would let “Apple experiment with tighter control” of macOS, without frustrating developers and users.

Furthermore, he explains that the A10 Fusion chip in the iMac Pro could be used for always-on “Hey, Siri,” a feature that’s currently missing from the macOS version of Siri. In fact, Troughton-Smith says in appears that the chip even runs when the iMac Pro is completely shut off.

'Hello Darling One': Apple Exposed Over Belle Gibson Affair, by Nick Toscano, The Sydney Morning Herald

Ms Gibson shot to international acclaim in 2014, in large part due to her lucrative partnership with Apple, which handpicked her "health and wellness" app from more than 2 million apps available for download that year.

With the success of her app and book deals with publishers on three continents, Ms Gibson earned almost half a million dollars in just 18 months.

A week after the news of Ms Gibson's con broke - and it was clear she had become a liability - a flurry of panicked correspondence was exchanged between Apple's Australian offices and its US headquarters in California.

The Best Way To Shoot Studio Light In Portrait Mode On iPhone X, by Serenity Caldwell, iMore

Because the effect effectively cuts the subject out of the background, it can be a bit tricky to properly frame and execute a Stage Light portrait. But lucky for you all, I've spent way too much time testing this feature, and have some pro tips for getting it to work properly.

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Shouldn't there be an opposite ot Raise-to-Wake for the iPhone? How about Put-Down-On-Table-To-Sleep? Or maybe Put-Face-Down-On-Table-To-Sleep?

And, this may be a little more diffcult for the machine learning to figure out, but do-not-butt-call-when-in-pocket.


Why can't I tell Siri to put the device to sleep? No matter how I phrase the request, either Siri tells me she don't understand, or that "Siri never sleeps."

(Yes, I'm trying to figure out ways to minimize clicking the side button.)


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