The Adapting-For-The-Notch Edition Sunday, November 26, 2017

How Devs Updated Their Apps For The iPhone X’s Screen—and The Notch, by Samuel Axon, Ars Technica

The iPhone X is the most significant change to the iPhone in several years. It has a higher resolution and a different screen shape. It disposes of the home button and adds or changes touch gestures. Every one of those changes could create work for designers and developers... and then there’s the notch. You can expect more phones to do this, not just from Apple. But how do you design around it? How much work is it to adapt an app for it? Is it, as some critics say, bad design?

To find out, I spoke with designers and developers of apps and games for iOS who recently went through the process of updating their apps for the iPhone X. I wanted to ask some of these very questions, but by and large I wanted to hear how the transition to the new phone went for everyone working behind the scenes.

Ciao, Chrome: Firefox Quantum Is The Browser Built For 2017, by David Pierce, Wired

The new Firefox actually manages to evolve the entire browser experience, recognizing the multi-device, ultra-mobile lives we all lead and building a browser that plays along. It's a browser built with privacy in mind, automatically stopping invisible trackers and making your history available to you and no one else. It's better than Chrome, faster than Chrome, smarter than Chrome. It's my new go-to browser.

Suicide And Self-harm Prevention App Launched In Bristol, by BBC

He said: "People wanted it to be discreet, so we deliberately didn't use the term 'self-harm'. And distraction from thoughts about self-harm can help people avoid actually going through with it."

He said young people "don't like using computers due to search history" and an app "is totally private and people can literally look things up on the bus".

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If my iPhone is rather close to my face when Face ID comes up (I have old eyes), I do shift my attention and stare at the notch. That's when I notice I don't really know where the notch is because the black is really black.

Yeah, like many others, I seldom notice the notch.


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