The ... Edition Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Apple Support Launches YouTube Channel Featuring How-to Tutorial Videos For iPhone And iPad, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple began a support Twitter account early in 2016, answering customer queries and tweeting out the occasional iOS tip. It has now expanded into a dedicated Apple Support YouTube channel.

The account features highly-produced tutorial videos explaining all sorts of iOS features from how to change your wallpaper to deleting your call history.

Apple’s New iPhone X Ads Highlight Face ID In The Dark, Animoji Karaoke, And More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple seems to be aiming to dispel some common worries about Face ID with these new videos. For instance, one of the videos focuses on using Face ID in the dark, showing how the feature works in the light with “no problem” thanks to the TrueDepth camera sensor and more.

Apple Highlights Apple Pay Charity Resources For 'Giving Tuesday', by AppleInsider

In preparation of Giving Tuesday, a global philanthropic movement now in its sixth year, Apple on Monday sent out emails informing customers that they can donate to their favorite charitable causes using Apple Pay.

The email, which urges customers to "Donate with Apple Pay on #GivingTuesday," promotes six major charities including the American Red Cross, charity: water,, (PRODUCT)RED, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and the World Wildlife Fund.

Apple Promoting Urban Sketchers Artists Who Use Apple Pencil With Free iPad Pro Workshops, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Apple is highlighting four artists who create with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro as the Urban Sketchers groups turns 10. Urban Sketchers is made up of artists around the world who meet in cities to draw on-location.

Users Are Experiencing Yet Another iOS Autocorrect Bug, And I.T Stinks. Here's How To Fix It!, by Tory Foulk, iMore

This time, it happens when they go to type the (frustratingly common) word "it" into any text field. Once typed, the keyboard's predictive text bar shows "I.T" as a suggestion. Then, once the user hits the space key, the word "it" changes to "I.T" automatically, without the user ever actually tapping the predictive text suggestion.

The Touch Bar Makes The Mac More Accessible To Me, by Steven Aquino

Shelly Brisbin is absolutely correct when she says accessibility differs from person to person. In sharing my experiences with the Touch Bar, though, I want to show the feature isn’t an abject failure. It does have utility and it’s technically extremely well done. I think a lot of the Touch Bar haters overlook all the capabilities the Touch Bar offers in terms of accessibility, at least for me.

Email Is Broken. Can Anyone Fix It?, by David Pierce, Wired

Let's start this story at the end: You can't kill email. Attempting to do so is a decades-long tradition of the tech industry, a cliché right up there with "Uber, but for" and "The Netflix of X." AOL Instant Messenger tried to kill email. So did MySpace. Then Facebook took up the mantle, followed by Slack and Symphony and WhatsApp and HipChat. Through it all, email persists—always dying, never dead.

Except email isn't dying. There are 3.7 billion users worldwide who collectively send 269 billion emails every day, according to a report by The Radicati Group. Email is bigger than Facebook. Hell, it's bigger than the internet.


Jellies Is A Kid-friendly, Parent-approved Alternative To YouTube Kids, by Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

To create the initial round-up of videos featured in Jellies, video viewers watched thousands of hours of YouTube videos to make sure they fit the company’s criteria. There are now over 3,000 handpicked videos across over 100 topics, with 4-5 being added per week, including seasonal topics.

Some technology helps with video selection, but ultimately human curation is the final deciding factor here.


Amazon Debuts Sumerian App Platform With Support For Apple's ARKit, by Roger Fingas, AppleInsider

Amazon on Monday announced Sumerian, a platform for developers wanting to make virtual reality, augmented reality, and other 3D apps, including ones compatible with Apple's ARKit framework used on iPhones and iPads.