The Complete-Journey Edition Monday, December 4, 2017

iPhone X Camera Review - A Week In Italy, by Nanda Kusumadi

We take it for granted these days, but it’s amazing when you step back and reflect that what you have in your pocket is a device capable of fulfilling the complete photography journey. From planning your shot, to shooting it, post-processing it, and then to sharing or printing it - it’s all right there at the palm of your hand.

Facebook Rolls Out A Messenger App Just For Kids, by Nicole Lee, Engadget

It's no surprise that kids are using technology at a pretty young age these days, and a key part of that is using it to communicate with friends and family. But most kids tend to use tablets or iPod Touches that don't have phone numbers, so normal texting and video chats are a no-go (unless it's with mommy's phone, which isn't always great for mommy). Sure you could use an app like FaceTime or Hangouts, but most of them don't offer the kind of control that parents want, especially for really young kids. Facebook, however, has come up with a solution. It's called Messenger Kids and yes, it's basically a standalone child-friendly Messenger app with parental controls baked right in.

Before you balk at the idea of having to sign your kid up on Facebook, don't worry -- you won't have to. In fact, your kid doesn't need a Facebook account at all in order to use Messenger Kids. You, however, do. That's because it uses the parent's Facebook account to set up the child's Messenger Kids account.

Protestors Outside Apple Store Criticize GOP Tax Reform Legislation, by Paul Burton, CBS

Protestors outside the Apple Store on Boylston Street made their voices heard about the Republican tax reform legislation which the Senate narrowly passed early Saturday morning.


“It gives an enormous tax cut to Apple Verizon and Bank of America, GE and other corporations who don’t have to pay their taxes because they hide their profits off shore,” one man shouted.

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I have two simple rules for an app to be on my iPhone's home screen.

1) I need to launch the app more than once a day, or

2) I may not need to launch the app more than once a day, but if I want to launch the app, I want to launch the app real fast.

All other apps goes into one of the folders on my home screen.


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