The Consistent-Performance Edition Sunday, December 24, 2017

How Apple Could Have Prevented The iPhone-slowdown Controversy, by Ryan Shrout, MarketWatch

But reduced performance through software updates as the batteries age is not the only potential solution to the engineering problem at hand. Apple is unique in the smartphone world in that it designs all aspects of the iPhone, from the processor to the operating system. And it has full control over the production of the battery system. Knowing the battery size (which also limits the total peak power draw from the battery) and software system in play, Apple could have (and I would argue should have) designed a processor that would provide consistent performance throughout the life of the phone.

Marzipan, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

In short, Apple’s goal should be to make it easier for developers to create good Mac apps, and easier for Mac and iOS app siblings to share code. Apple’s goal should not be to make it easier to get iOS apps to run on the Mac in slightly modified form. And I think it’s nonsensical to think that Apple is working toward a single unified OS. The best reason for hope on this front is the recent redoubling of Apple’s efforts on pro Mac hardware. The iMac Pro was not designed to run iPhone apps.

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