The Passing-the-Buck Edition Monday, January 15, 2018

Dear Apple, Parental Controls Aren't The Answer, by Zibby Owens, Huffington Post

I’m glad people are writing letters to Apple about taking responsibility for iPhones and iPads and how they affect kids. I hope that they don’t respond by passing the buck onto parents. We didn’t create this problem. We’re just charged with managing the effects and protecting our kids. It’s like asking a tobacco company to do a better job helping parents tell their kids not to smoke. How about fixing the product itself? Help us parents! We’ll probably buy more if you do. We’re the ones writing the checks. (Remember checks?)

Seeing The Future In A Reblink Of An Eye, by Deema Abu Naser, The Medium

Imagine this: You stand in front of a painting created in the 1600s, and you blink. Suddenly, you hear sounds emitting from the piece, and see objects flying around in the frame. The people in the painting have suddenly gained the power of movement, like in an animation, and start stretching and yawning.

How Google Arts And Culture's Face Match A.I. Actually Works, by Eileen Guo, Inverse

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days and humans can’t seem to decide whether to be creeped out by how far it might go or laugh at how far it still has to go.

That’s part of what made the viral Google Arts and Culture feature allowing users to compare their faces with a work of art so fun. It played up our natural vanity, for sure, but it also gave us a chance to test out what AI is capable of.

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Things that I find annoying:

1) having to shave;
2) having to go to the toilet;

Things that I hate:

1) havng to go to the dentist.


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