The Substantial-Business Edition Sunday, January 21, 2018

Apple’s Enterprise Evolution, by Ron Miller, TechCrunch

Back in 2010, Apple’s iconic co-founder Steve Jobs was not entirely enthralled with the enterprise. [...] Back in those days, IT kept tight control over the enterprise, issuing equipment like BlackBerries and ThinkPads (and you could have any color you wanted — as long as it was black). Jobs, who passed away in 2011, didn’t live long enough to see the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and “Consumerization of IT,” two trends that were just hovering on the corporate horizon at the time of his death.


That movement has helped fuel Apple’s enterprise evolution. Over time, Apple has partnered with enterprise stalwarts like IBM, SAP and Cisco. It has provided tools for IT to better manage those i-devices, and Macs, too, and it has built the enterprise into a substantial business (to the extent that we can tell).

iOS 11’s Lower Adoption Rate, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

If Apple wants to counter the narrative surrounding iOS 11 and see these adoption rates pick up again, I think they'll have to demonstrate – not merely promise – that their next software update will have practical, tangible benefits on the everyday usage of an iOS device.

Omaha Officials Might Be Pursuing Part Of Apple's Expansion Plan Without Even Knowing It, by Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

Given Omaha’s reputation as a center for back-office operations as well as data center facilities, the Apple announcement perked up some ears in local economic development circles last week.

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive David Brown said his organization’s economic development staff is already responding to site selectors’ requests for two data center proposals, but no one knows yet which companies are behind the requests, as those companies haven’t been disclosed.


Portrait Camera App 'Focos' Gains Real Lens Optical Effects And Improved Shooting Mode, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

The app recently made our end-of-year best iOS app list for its impressive granular aperture and bokeh adjustment tools, but version 1.2 builds on the existing feature set by adding the ability to apply real lens optical effects to depth images.

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I'm at the stage in the Sudoku book where the puzzles are transiting from 'Demanding' to 'Beware! Very Challenging'.


I've turned off the footer in the Kindle app. This is the part of the user interface where it tells me how far I've progressed through the book via two different numbers: a percentage (23%), and a pair of numbers (Page 190 of 867). I don't want to know when I am reading too slow, because I'm enjoying too much to go fast.

(The book is 4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster, if you must know.)


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