The True-Stereo Edition Sunday, January 28, 2018

How HomePod Works With Apple Music, iTunes Match, iCloud Music Library, AirPlay, And FLAC Files, by Serenity Caldwell, iMore

Since my hands on with the HomePod, I've gotten a number of questions about how the HomePod deals with streaming from Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, AirPlay sources like your Mac, and if iTunes Match works at all in this crazy new world.

I'm still trying to sort a lot of this out myself, but here's how everything is supposed to work, from what I've been able to confirm. I'll be updating this article as I hear more.

We Listened To Apple's HomePod -- And Now We Want Two, by David Carnoy, CNET

Ultimately, my initial impression is that the HomePod sounds very good for the type of speaker it is and it certainly stacks up well against the competition -- some of it less expensive, some of it more. But like all speakers, it has its limitations and the HomePod left me wanting for true stereo sound. Which is probably why the only time I got truly jazzed during the demo was when they paired the two HomePods together and delivered some real separation.

Apple Touts HomePod Sound Quality In First Collection Of Ads, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple today has shared four brand new HomePod ads on YouTube. The ads are each 15 seconds long, focusing primarily on the speaker quality.


iPhone X: 5 Things That Drive Us Absolutely Nuts, by Jessica Dolcourt, CNET

On one hand, Face ID and gestures prove that iPhone users can live without a home button. On the other, learning the ropes takes time, and the swipey stand-ins don't always make a lot of sense. Some iPhone X gestures feel half-baked.

So here we go, my five personal worst iPhone X navigation offenders. Stay tuned for a future piece on some of the things I truly do love about the iPhone X.

Ditch Your Smartphone Keyboard For Gboard, by Brian Barrett, Wired

Gboard contains too many other useful features to tick off every single one, but the shortcut to understanding the scope of its powers is the knowledge that it has Google built right in. That means you can search the entirety of the internet directly from your keyboard. You can translate words and phrases in real time from any app that allows typing. It supports voice-to-text in dozens of languages. It’s a pro-grade multitool in a world full of butter knives.

There's A (Gardening) App For That, by Julie Campbell, The Herald Bulletin

It’s no secret that winter is a gardener’s least favorite season. So while you’re dreaming of spring, why not check out some colorful new gardening apps for your phone or tablet? Your green thumb will thank you for scrolling when warmer weather hits!


Improving Workplace Culture, One Review At A Time, by Lizzie Widdicombe, New Yorker

One day in 2007, in Seattle, Rich Barton, the C.E.O. of the real-estate Web site Zillow, was getting ready for the company’s annual reviews. The process—talking to each employee about his or her performance and whether he or she would be getting a raise—called for discretion and tact. On his computer, he pulled up a spreadsheet containing the salary and stock options for every employee, and pressed Print. However, instead of sending the document to his personal printer, he sent it to one in the middle of the open-plan office. When Barton’s assistant realized the mistake, she rushed across the room to retrieve the document before anyone could read it. She succeeded, but the moment stayed with Barton. As he likes to tell people, it led him to wonder: why, exactly, was this information secret, aside from the fact that making it public could be extremely awkward?

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Today, I watched a whole bunch of documentaries on the Netflix app in my iPad, while I worked in Sublime Text app on my Mac, while I occasionally checked my RSS feeds in the Reeder app on my iPhone.


(I'm not sure about my productivity though. But, I am happy. That's all it matters, right?)


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