The Just-a-Touch Edition Friday, February 23, 2018

How A Vacation And A Digital Detox App Helped Cure My iPhone Addiction, by Rachel Thompson, Mashable

Mute sent me push notifications after each hour spent on my phone, which kept me up to speed on how much of my day I was wasting on my phone. These notifications were mostly helpful, but some arrived at times when I couldn't actually avoid using my phone, like during FaceTime sessions with family, or while setting my alarm for the next day.

But, on a grander scale, this made me realise just how much I rely on my phone for practical life admin things. My phone gets me out of bed in the morning, it tells me which train I need to get, it helps me find dates.

Since October, Apple Has Made Around 1,600 False Alarm 911 Calls From Elk Grove Facility, by John Atkinson, CBS13

Apple hasn’t confirmed which of their devices is actually causing these calls: the iPhone or Apple watch, but both devices can be triggered easily. With just a touch of a button, SOS comes on and 911 is called.


In a statement to CBS13, an Apple spokesperson says:

“We’re aware of 911 calls originating from our Elk Grove repair and refurbishment facility. We take this seriously and we are working closely with local law enforcement to investigate the cause and ensure this doesn’t continue.”

Soderbergh's Thriller Shot On iPhone Premieres In Berlin, by Michelle Martin, Reuters

Not having to make a hole in a wall or secure a camera to the ceiling are big advantages, as is being able to go straight from watching a rehearsal to shooting, Soderbergh said.

“The gap now between the idea and the execution of the idea is just shrinking and this means you get to try out more ideas so I wish I’d had this equipment when I was 15,” he said.

Joshua Leonard, who plays David, said filming on an iPhone enabled the actors to stay in the world of their characters and the film more than the conventional camera set-up would allow.


How To Stop Annoying High Sierra Upgrade Prompts In macOS, by Creighton DeSimone, The Verge

Today, I found myself in the good old Mac App Store after trying to dismiss another notification and came face to face with the High Sierra banner, imploring me to upgrade. Trying to deal with this annoyance, I right clicked on the banner. To my surprise, I was given a prompt to “Hide Update”!

Amp Up Your Attitude With These Four Affirmation Apps, by Josie Colt, Wired

These four apps provide ready-to-go positive affirmations, designed to help you build a positive mindset simply by opening a push alert. Get daily notifications that you are killing it. Remind yourself on the regular that you are extremely cool in every way possible. After a while, it won’t matter how many people appear to be having an absurdly good time without you on Instagram. These apps will bring your focus back to what really matters.

iPad App Of The Year 'Affinity Photo' Updated With RAW Improvements And Limited-Time Free Add-On Brush Packs, by Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors

Version 1.6.7 of Affinity Photo lets users shoot direct in RAW or HDR video from within the iPad app, and introduces upgrades for RAW processing so that the clarity of RAW images has improved.


App Developers Can Now Show Up To 10 Screenshots Per Device On Their App Store Product Page, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Developers can submit up to 10 screenshots for each device form factor they support, across all the different iOS devices, 1080p and 4K Apple TV resolutions and Apple Watch form factors. This is in addition to up to 3 video previews.

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk, by Jason Kottke

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling a bit tired, uninspired, and just generally not in the mood to tackle my to-do list for the day. I understand myself well enough by now to know how to react to this situation (most of the time) but was curious about how other people deal with such episodes. So I asked on Twitter: “What do you do to get yourself moving when this happens to you?” I got tons of interesting responses, which I’ve organized into some broader categories in the hope that they’ll help someone out in the future.

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Every time I have a thought like I wish the iPhone exists back when I was a kid because I would be making movies, just like what Soderbergh did, my next thought will be like What's preventing me from making movies today, now that the iPhone exists.

And my next thought will be: I have much more free time when I was a kid.

And then: okay, but maybe when I retires, I will have all the free time back...

And then: or I could be dead tomorrow.

And then I get sad, and have to eat some chocolate.

And that's why I am fat.



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