The App-Misuse Edition Saturday, February 24, 2018

'A Twisted Comparison Game': How Fitness Apps Exacerbate Eating Disorders, by Lauren Sharkey, Broadly

For as long as we've had the internet, [eating disorders] sufferers have congregated in pro-ana forums or, more latterly, on social media platforms such as Instagram, to compare notes and swap weight loss tips. But apps intended to encourage healthy behaviours such as walking more steps a day, or responsible weight management, can be ripe for misuse.


“It became a compulsion to do a minimum amount of steps and walk a certain distance each day. If I ever did more one day, then the following day [I would make] the increased amount my minimum. Over time, it got out of control and I was so distressed because I never had time to do things as I had to get my steps in.”

Puttock wrote to Apple asking for the preinstalled Health app to be made optional, but never received a response. "I hate the app,” she says. "Apps like these are a part of the diet culture we live in and recovering from an eating disorder in a society that is trying to get one is very difficult." Apple didn’t respond to Broadly’s request for comment.

iPhone App May Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions, by UPI

The Corrie app, which is the first cardiology app built using the Apple CareKit platform, helps patients navigate their healthcare in the hospital and after discharge, including keeping track of medications, follow-up appointments and lifestyle changes needed after a heart attack.

"Many heart attack patients are started on new medications in the hospital," Yang said. "This app helps them keep track of all their medications, including how much to take and at what time. They may suddenly have new doctors and more medical visits, including cardiac rehab, and the app helps them track and centralize all those appointments."

Apple In China: Who Holds The Keys?, by Matthew Green, A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering

And here’s my problem. If Apple needs to fundamentally rearchitect iCloud to comply with Chinese regulations, that’s certainly an option. But they should say explicitly and unambiguously what they’ve done. If they don’t make things explicit, then it raises the possibility that they could make the same changes for any other portion of the iCloud infrastructure without announcing it.

It seems like it would be a good idea for Apple just to clear this up a bit.

French Activist Group Banned From Protesting In Apple Stores Wins Legal Fight, Gears Up For Next Event, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Last month, news broke that Apple was suing the French activist group, Attac, to bar it from future protests and asking for €3,000 in compensation. Today, the ruling is in. Not only can Attac continue to peacefully protest in Apple Stores, but the group will also be awarded €2,000 for legal fees.


1Password Releases ‘Pwned Passwords’ Integration For Checking Compromised Credentials, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

The new feature is built on Troy Hunt’s newly launched Pwned Passwords service that checks passwords against a database of over 500 million compromised passwords. 1Password built a proof of concept integration with the service that lets you determine whether or not your password has been snatched in a security breach that may or may not have been disclosed.

13 Qi Wireless Chargers For The iPhone Reviewed, by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, TidBITS

But, with wireless charging now a part of the Appleverse, Qi accessory makers are scrambling to get their products in front of iPhone owners. I have been awash in review gear — more on those products in a bit — while fielding non-stop pitches for coming wireless chargers.

Anchor 3.0 Exhibits A New Level Of Maturity For The Podcasting Service, by Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

The latest update to Anchor isn't so much about flashy new features, but more about demonstrating a new level of maturity: the interface is now cleaner and easier to navigate, the task of recording and publishing podcasts has never been simpler, and there are new built-in tools available to creators to help make recordings professional-grade.


Ship When It’s Useful, Not When It’s Done, by Shawn Blanc

Because — and let’s be honest — in the mind of the creator, a project is never done. There is always one more detail or element or idea that needs to be fine tuned or figured out.