The Live-Wallpapers Edition Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Art That Inspired Apple’s iPhone X Wallpaper Is Now On Display For You To Visit In Person, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

Those who own an iPhone X will quickly recognize the paintings on display in an art exhibition that just opened its doors. Spanish visual artist and designer Ana Montiel collaborated with Apple to create live wallpapers for the company’s flagship phone, and has now put the paintings that inspired the animations on display for all to see.

“Fields” is the title of Montiel’s series of paintings and exhibit that explore “altered states of consciousness as vehicles to go beyond the easily perceived.” The digital paintings that were transferred to canvas and museum quality prints came to life this past fall when Apple introduced the iPhone X and adapted three of Montiel’s works as live wallpapers built into iOS 11. The art also canvasses the iPhone’s display on the front of Apple’s retail packaging for the device, and is featured prominently on the home page of

Instagram Is Killing The Way We Experience Art, by Anne Quito, Quartzy

It’s very strange way to spend a day: Waiting in line for hours to look at two paintings; only to stand in front of them, looking at them through the tiny screen of your phone—upon which you could easily have called up a million already existing photographs of the paintings.

And yet this behavior is not exclusive to the event of the Obamas’ portraits. It’s a scene that plays out around the world. Art museums and curators don’t seem to mind: Long gone are “no photos” signs. Craving social media exposure, museums like the Portrait Gallery not only tolerate photos, but actually encourage them.

An App Developer At 82, by Desmond Ng, Channel NewsAsia

There's something about the slight, white-haired woman that captivates her audience – be they Japanese Girl Scouts, the students in her computer classes, or TEDx talk attendees who give her a standing ovation.

At home, when she works on her code for the smartphone application she developed for the elderly, software programmer Masako Wakamiya focuses intently as she hunches over her laptop.

This 82-year-old retiree is one of the world’s oldest app developers. She is living proof that age is no barrier to computer literacy, coding and – in her words – just "going for it" when she finds something she wants to try.

How I Sold An Old Mac And Unknowingly Had Access To Its Location For Over 3 Years, by Brenden Mulligan, Medium

If you sell a computer, turn off Find My Mac BEFORE wiping it. And if you buy a computer, immediately sign into iCloud so there’s no chance the seller can track you.


iTunes Store Won't Work On Original Apple TV And Windows XP/Vista PCs As Of May 25, by Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Apple yesterday published a new support document noting that security changes being implemented on May 25 will prevent the first-generation Apple TV and PCs running Windows XP or Vista from using the iTunes Store. Apple has also begun emailing users with active first-generation Apple TVs to warn them of the upcoming change.


Standing Desks 'Increase Pain' And Slow Down Mental Ability, Study Suggests, by Henry Bodkin, Telegraph

Researchers at Curtin University in Australia observed 20 participants working at standing desks for two hours.

They found discomfort “significantly” increased for the lower back and lower limb regions, which correlates with previous research suggesting standing desk is responsible for swelling of the veins, which can endanger the heart.

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This morning, I went for a long walk, with my iPhone X in my trousers' pocket, listening to my audiobook via Bluetooth.

In two hours of walking, the following happened:

1) Twice, the audio cut off. I took out the iPhone from my pocket, and there is a message on the screen: iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute.

2) Once, when I took out the iPhone, the flashlight is on.

This is not good.

I've already turned off Raise to Wake. As of this morning, I've turned off Tap to Wake. If this still doesn't work, I will have no idea what to do, except maybe carry my iPhone in a box when I'm out and about.


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