The Gesture-Dilemma Edition Thursday, April 5, 2018

Apple Has An iPad Gesture Dilemma, by Tom Warren, The Verge

The iPad doesn’t need to replace a laptop to fit into the broader aspect of personal computing — it has already done so by just being a great tablet — but it feels like the iPad and iOS are at a significant inflection point, and Apple’s decisions over small things like gestures will provide early hints at the iPad’s future. The iPad is changing, albeit slowly and with some inconveniences for iPhone users, and it’s now up to Apple to really show us what both devices are capable of.

Window Management For macOS In 2018, by Chris Bowler, The Sweet Setup

What if you are working on a large display and want your code editor on one side of the screen, and your Git client and a browser window on the other side? And what if you want to add a fourth application with one window across the bottom quarter of your screen? You have to set up this arrangement manually. Now, imagine you want to use this setup every day.

Maybe that sounds complex, but even just taking one window and making it fill the entire screen without going into full screen mode is annoyingly hard. It becomes easy to see why some people have recognized the lack of control in macOS and have filled in the gaps.

How To Prevent Your Mac From Overusing Mobile Hotspot With TripMode 2, by Rohan Naravane, Beautiful Pixels

TripMode 2 is a Mac app that acts as a gatekeeper — only allowing apps you choose to use internet off a mobile hotspot. For instance, you can only grant access to a web browser and a chat client, and everything else will behave as if the Mac isn’t connected to the internet.


Apple Shows iPad Users How To Annotate Screenshots With Apple Pencil & More In New Tutorials, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Coinciding with last week’s release of a new $329 iPad, Apple today has shared a pair of new iPad-focused tutorials on YouTube. Each video focuses on a specific iPad feature.

iOS 11.3 Makes Updating Foreign Apps Easier Than Ever, by Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

You may be prompted to enter your password for your foreign account, but unlike before, the App Store won’t switch regions.

Apple Opens New Store In Tokyo’s Shinjuku District Saturday, by Apple

Apple Shinjuku connects seamlessly to the street outside with an expansive 37 meter glass storefront lined with local Longstock Holly trees and features new store design elements including the Forum, with a dynamic 6K video wall, and Avenues, with interactive displays for visitors to get hands-on with third-party products and accessories.


AirPods And The Three Stages Of Apple Criticism, by Jonathan Kim, Medium

Coming from someone who had previously ridiculed the AirPods, Savov’s change of heart is a valuable perspective for those who had written off AirPods based on their first impressions.

Still, it’s worth wondering how Savov, a professional reviewer from a respected tech publication, could have gotten AirPods so wrong. But when looking at Savov’s three AirPods articles [...]  I see an excellent illustration of a pattern I’ve seen often from tech reviewers, people on Twitter, and especially those who criticize Apple in the comments sections of posts about Apple.

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One of the problem I've encountered with the iPhone X: things get turned on while the phone is in my pants' pocket. Many a time I've taken the iPhone X out from my pocket and realized either the camera is turned on, or the flashlight is turned on. There were also occasions when the phone tells me it has locked itself up and I've to wait for a minute before trying my passcode again.

Now, I think I have solved this problem. Actually, solved may be too strong a word. I think I have mitigated this problem.

Here's what I've done:

1) Turn off "Raise to Wake". (Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake)

2) Turn off "Tap to Wake". (Settings > General > Accessibility > Tap to Wake)

3) For each app's notification, turn off "Show on Lock Screen". (Settings > Notifications > App > Show on Lock Screen)

Now, the screen doesn't turn on until I tell it to turn on by pressing the side button. The screen will not turn on automatically inside my pocket, and (this is my working theory for now) somehow accidentally register taps and swipes without my explicit intentions.

(Of course, every time I click the side button to wake up the screen, I am thinking: this got be wearing down the side button and bring me days closer when I have to bring the phone back to Apple for repairs.)


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