The More-Involved Edition Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Apple Music Moves Jay Liepis To Nashville To Strengthen Country Presence, by Chris Willman, Variety

Apple Music is establishing a beachhead in Nashville. The company announced Monday morning that 13-year Apple veteran Jay Liepis has relocated to Music City to head up a team there that will be “dedicated to being more involved with artists, managers, songwriters and the label community at large.”

That’s welcome news to Nashville’s label chiefs, who over the years have made clear their displeasure that the major music streaming services have been behind in courting country fans as aggressively as they do other listeners. “Thanks be to God!” said Randy Goodman, chairman/CEO of Sony Music Nashville, who believes that Liepis’ move to town will be “game changing.”

An Inside Look With The Editor Of Spike Jonze's Apple Ad, by Ben Bailey,

“On top of being an editor, I was sort of Spike’s script supervisor,” Jeff says. “I sat with him at the monitor, and in between setups I was cutting. I was on set the whole time.”

This close-up view of production gave him an intimate perspective that few editors have the opportunity to experience. Jeff had a front row seat to FKA Twigs’ whimsical dance talent, Jonze’s directing prowess, and DP Hoyte van Hoytema’s masterful eye.

Seeing the production move along in real time definitely helped the collaborative process, but it pushed him to adapt his editing under the demands of a narrow schedule. Ambitious projects like the Homepod commercial really put pressure on editors to stay ahead of the curve, especially when time is short. In Jeff’s mind, that requires specific tools that every editor needs to succeed—instincts and emotions.

Apple's Deal For Shazam Draws 'In-depth Investigation' From Europe, by Anita Balakrishnan, CNBC

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced the probe on Monday, writing: "The way people listen to music has changed significantly in recent years, with more and more Europeans using music streaming services. Our investigation aims to ensure that music fans will continue to enjoy attractive music streaming offers and won't face less choice as a result of this proposed merger."

Upcoming Engineers

Apple Teaches India’s Kid Coders To Win At The App Store, by Saritha Rai, Bloomberg

India has the world’s largest population of people 25 years old or younger, including an unprecedented number of precocious developers, says Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, CEO of Robosoft Technologies Pvt. in the coastal town of Udupi. Robosoft’s developers, who create apps for companies such as McDonald’s Corp., also build them for Apple and Google, but they make more money from the App Store. And while a whole previous generation of Indian programmers became globally known for writing code-to-order at outsourcing companies, the next generation prefers to push its creative limits.

Apple Reveals UK Engineering Team And Introduces Them To Children To Inspire Them To Become Engineers, by Andrew Griffin, Independent

Apple has lifted the lid on its elite engineers working in the UK – and introduced them to classes full of children.

It has for the first time fully revealed the team it has working on some of its most important products, designing chips and other important parts of its new iPhones, iPads and more. It did so to support the government's new engineering project – which will see it introduce a whole range of schoolchildren to its work to try and encourage more students to dream of becoming engineers.


Apple Sells 5 Different Types Of iPad And It's Hard To Choose — But There's One That's Best For Most People, by Kif Leswing, Business Insider

You now have the iPad (6th generation), iPad (5th generation,) iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch display, iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display, and the iPad Mini 4 — that's a lot to choose from, even if you just want an iPad to do iPad things with.

The good news is that any iPad can surf the web, send emails, and install apps. The trick is to know exactly how much iPad you need, so you're not paying for specs or features you might not use.

Apple Shares Two New Ads Aimed At Encouraging Android Users To Switch To iPhone, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple today shared two new videos in its "Life's easier on iPhone" series, which are aimed at encouraging Android users to switch over to an iPhone.

Apple Continues Promoting iPad + Apple Pencil In New Ad Series, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple shared four ads on the channel this evening, one of which originally hit the company’s Australian YouTube channel last week and highlights markup with Apple Pencil. Each of the other three ads showcase a specific feature or application.

Apple Has Pushed A Security Update To MRT, The macOS Malware Removal Tool, by Hoakley, The Electric Light Company

As usual, Apple doesn’t provide any information about this, but Patrick Wardle reports that this adds detections for two new items for which Apple give internal code names: OSX.4e36ae6 and OSX.127eaa6. These join the equally cryptic OSX.28a9883 which was added to 1.30.


Bringing People Back To The Open Web, by Chris Hardie

No matter how much it might be in their long-term self interest, it's not up to the casual Internet user to figure that out. Instead, it's up to the developers, designers, entrepreneurs and technology leaders to create a version of the open web that also happens to be the best version of the web.

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I am addicted to coffee. Actually, 'addicted' may be too strong a word. I know I can quit coffee anytime I want to. :-) But, for now, I do enjoy drinking a cup of coffee in the morning before I start work, and another cup of coffee after lunch, before I re-start work.

But, come to think of it, it's not the coffee thing that I am addicted to. It is the ritual of drinking coffee that I want everyday. I want to find some time -- five minutes, ten minutes -- to sit down alone in my kitchen or in a kopitiam or somewhere and drink a cup of coffee while reading my RSS feeds or listening to a podcast. Being alone is key. I tend to find the time or the location where nobody is likely to disturb me.

Now, come to really think about this: perhaps it's the alone-time that I am craving for. A little me-time. Being addicted to coffee is just an excuse.

Maybe I should switch from coffee to tea. I hear that some judge thinks coffee causes cancer.


Thanks for reading.