The iPad-Rhythm Edition Monday, April 30, 2018

Presque Isle High School Finds Rhythm With iPad Usage In Classrooms, by Melissa Lizotte, The County

“There are a lot of apps on their iPads that they use to practice their math skills. When they take quizzes, the apps can give them feedback on what answers they got incorrect and how they can do the problems correctly,” said Jennifer Barnes, math teacher at Presque Isle High School. “IXL is an app they use that has all levels of math problems from pre-K to calculus.

Barnes added that the majority of her students use an app called Notability to take notes on their iPad and copy and paste those notes onto a document in Google Drive, a cloud-based service that allows users to access documents on any device.

Lake Forest Hills Teacher's Project Is Finalist In Contest, by Amanda King, Augusta Chronicle

In February, she submitted a project called "Changing the World ... One Story at a Time." It caught the attention of AT&T, which matched donations and made it possible for Girosky to reach her $665 goal.

The donations let her purchase an iPad, three sets of books and a cover to protect the iPad. The books, each with stories of children making a difference, are meant to inspire students before they find projects in the community to tackle as a group. Then, the students document their quest to solve the problem using iMovie on the iPad.

Running Apple

ErrorPort, by M.G. Siegler, 500ish Words

(Basically) every home has a TV. (Basically) every home has the internet. This is literally the entry point into the home. Apple had an opportunity do combine two ho-hum businesses into a very interesting — and just as importantly, very strategic — one.

Nope. Instead, we got a constantly crippled Apple TV, a constantly neglected AirPort, and… the HomePod. Great…

It Has Been 229 Days Since The AirPower Charging Mat Was Announced, by Nick Heer, Pixel Envy

Why was it announced alongside the iPhones 8 and the iPhone X? What story does it complete? It can’t be the inductive charging story: surely the entire point of using the Qi standard was that there were already loads of charging mats on the market that you could buy — Phil Schiller said as much during that keynote. So what’s the advantage in letting us know about the AirPower far in advance of when it would be available?

Saving Memories

Silicon Valley Can't Be Trusted With Our History, by Evan Hill, BuzzFeed

As time passes, I fear that more and more of what happened in those days will live only in memory. The internet has slowly unraveled since 2011: Image-hosting sites went out of business, link shorteners shut down, tweets got deleted, and YouTube accounts were shuttered. One broken link at a time, one of the most heavily documented historical events of the social media era could fade away before our eyes.

It’s the paradox of the internet age: Smartphones and social media have created an archive of publicly available information unlike any in human history — an ocean of eyewitness testimony. But while we create almost everything on the internet, we control almost none of it.


Mother’s Day Gift: Create A Photo Book In Apple Photos For Mac, by Roman Loyola, Macworld

Enjoying photos nowadays involves at a screen, be it a phone, tablet, computer display, or a TV. But there’s something to be said about printed photo albums. These books provide convenient access, but more important are the sentiments attached to them. There’s something about experiencing how the photos are presented, seeing the photos in print, leafing through pages, and holding something tangible that gives photos weight, literally and figuratively.

It’s quite easy to make a photo book on your Mac, using Apple’s Photos app, which is located in the Applications folder. Here’s how.


Apple Poised To Move Further Into Media Amid Wall Street 'Panic', by Edward Helmore, The Guardian

Big tech is moving into content production and distribution. For three years, the company has been hiring from the design and luxury industries – including top executives like Paul Deneve, the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, and Angela Ahrendts, the former CEO of Burberry.

It hired or consulted with Iovine, Dr Dre and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor after Apple acquired Beats By Dre in a $1bn acquisition and briefly repurposed them for the launch of Apple Music, which has now gained 36 million subscribers and is poised to overtake its music streaming rival Spotify in the US.

Rumors have even circulated that Apple is looking to buy parts or all of the troubled magazine publisher Condé Nast, a move that would further its push, initiated with the Apple Watch, to become a luxury fashion accessory, lifestyle and content brand.

Cops Take Dead Man’s Smartphone To His Corpse In Attempt To Unlock It, by Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

In a very unusual move, police detectives in Largo, Florida, recently went to a local funeral home and located the body of a man named Linus Phillip. The 30-year-old had died days earlier at the hands of a different Largo officer.

The detectives then attempted to use the fingers on Phillip's body to unlock his own smartphone, which had been recovered from the scene. Their efforts were not successful.

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I can modify a Pages document with all kinds of fonts and images and what-nots, I can modify a Number spreadsheet with all kinds of formulae and charts and what-nots, I can modify a Keynotes presentations with animations and transitions and what-nots, all using just a web browser in

Yet I cannot edit a simple text file in my web browser?


There are apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, for all the iPhones, iPads, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watches out there.

Is it time to get developers to create apps for


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