The Explorations-Of-Color Edition Thursday, May 3, 2018

20 Years Of iMac: A Story Of Relentless Design Iteration, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

This Sunday, Apple’s iMac line joins the 20-year club. Its ticket to entry is two decades of valuable lessons and ideas that tell the recent history of the personal computer industry and reveal Apple’s priorities and values. The iMac’s timeline tells many stories – some of reinvention and business strategy, others of software and hardware.

Perhaps none are more significant than the iMac’s design story. Explorations of color, form, material, and miniaturization have marked significant breakthroughs throughout the years. On this anniversary week, we’ll take a look at the design evolution of the iMac.

Tech Giants Hit By NSA Spying Slam Encryption Backdoors, by Zack Whittaker, ZDNet

"Weakening the security and privacy that encryption helps provide is not the answer," said the group's statement.

The tech coalition includes Microsoft -- Ozzie's former employer -- as well as Apple, Facebook, and Google, and Verizon and Yahoo's parent company Oath -- all of which were hit by allegations of complicity with the government's surveillance efforts.


A Roundup Of Great Podcast Hardware, by Stephen Hackett, The Sweet Setup

This article isn’t meant to be a comprehensive review of every piece of audio gear you could purchase, but is rather a collection of recommendations based on where you may be.

Opinions about audio equipment are like belly buttons — everyone has them, but in my experience, this collection of equipment should serve you well, no matter the price point.


How To Write Personalities For The AI Around Us, by Mariana Lin, The Paris Review

If we design our AI to simply function well, our society may progress with increased speed in efficiency and convenience. But if we are also designing them to have thoughtful personalities and belief systems, our society may advance in areas where we have ostensibly made less progress—enhancing joy, delight, compassion, and deeper relationships.

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I think I may enjoy a Bondi-blue iPhone case that pays homage to the original iMac.


Once upon a time, before any Apple keynotes, we were all guessing and speculating what will be the next iMac colors?

I wonder if there are Apple Watch enthusiasts that eagerly awaits each spring to find out what's next for Apple Watch's strap colors.

"Will Spring 2019 finaly bring us Flower Power?"


Nobody is speculating what wallpaper colors will appear on the next iOS release, right?


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