The Keep-'Em-Working Edition Monday, May 21, 2018

This New Smartphone Feature Should Be Used By Every Driver, From Teen To Seasoned Commuter, by Rob Pegoraro, USA Today

On iPhones running the current iOS 11 software, you should have gotten a prompt to enable Apple’s “Do Not Disturb while driving” option the first time your iPhone detected motion akin to driving. But if you ignored that, you should revisit this “do not disturb” feature, which suppresses notifications and only shows turn-by-turn navigation on the lock screen.

These 299 macOS Apps Are So Buggy, Apple Had To Fix Them In AppKit, by Worth Doing Badly

Apple gets a bad reputation for their supposed lack of backwards compatibility. Nothing is further from the truth: macOS includes tweaks for specific important apps to keep them working on new OS versions. The list of 299 apps macOS checks is fascinating, and shows what Apple believes to be essential applications for the platform.


CloudMounter 3.2 Review: Easily Access Dropbox, Google Drive, And OneDrive Through A Single Mac Icon, by J.R. Bookwalter, Macworld

After installing CloudMounter and logging into one of the aforementioned accounts, your remote storage appears as a volume with a colorful icon on the desktop, which can be used to drag and drop files just like local hard drives.

It’s Easy To Get Serious About Self-care With The Quirky, Fun Aloe Bud App, by Brenda Stolyar, Digital Trends

Aloe Bud is a self-care companion app that gives users gentle reminders via push notifications. Whether it’s staying hydrated throughout the day or making sure you’re taking a break from work, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of different activities to set for yourself.

Review: Logi Circle 2 Is The Best HomeKit Camera, But Apple's Support Is Lacking, by Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

In actual use, the camera works very reliably. We receive alerts when we should, Day Brief is super useful when we want to catch up on what has been going on on our door or around our home.

HomeScan Helps Find Signal Weak Spots For Your Bluetooth HomeKit Smart Home Accessories, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

There’s not really a good way to diagnose the issue using Apple’s built-in apps. HomeScan attempts to fill that gap by displaying a dashboard of the signal strength of Bluetooth accessories as you move around your home, in real time.


iPads Set To Become Key Tools At Limerick’s Newest School, by Jess Casey, Limerick Leader

“The iPad will be a key tool in terms of what happens in the classroom,” Mr Shinners said. “We’re big into sustainability and the environment so we’ll be as paperless as we possibly can be. Students will be using what we call a virtual learning environment.”

One of the biggest concerns parents have around iPads is that they don’t have any control of the device, he said.

“But parents will have full control over the iPad using (a programme called) Zuludesk,” he added.

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So, I have three different apps that i use often to read text. I use Kindle to read e-books that I buy from Amazon. I use Overdrive to read e-books that i borrow from the local library. Then there’s Instapaper, which i use to read (almost) everything else. (There are also other ‘reading’ apps such as RSS clients and news apps and so on, but the text here are typically shorter.)

And I have to do the text settings for each of these reading apps - the font, the text size, the margins, the background color, and the distance between each line of text.

Moreover, even while I configure again and again for these apps, limitations in the preferences set by each app meant that i cannot get the same reading experience for me across the apps. Each app ended up rendering text differently, and there isn’t a settings in any of the apps that i feel is the best for my eyes.

For something as basic as reading text on a rectangular screen, I hope there is a standard rendering that all apps can adopt. Not only do I only want to set the text rendering preference only once and get the same rendering across multiple reading apps, I want the preferences to be good, and not up to the wimps of individual developers.


Thanks for reading.