The Larger-Base-of-Apps Edition Saturday, June 9, 2018

Apple And Google Are Heading In The Same Direction, But On Different Paths, by Dieter Bohn, The Verge

In both cases, as Chaim Gartenberg and I talked about here, the goal is to take some of the momentum in mobile apps and bring it back to the desktop. There’s a recognition that the way we are using our laptops could benefit from mobile apps. Ironically, this is precisely what Microsoft has been struggling to achieve with Windows — though the difference is that iOS and Android have a much larger base of apps to work with.

It’s fair to say that Apple is acting just a little more like Google when it comes to its ultimate goals, but it’s also fair to say that both of these companies see the same trends happening in computing, and so they are triangulating their platforms in complementary ways.

Anonymous Chat Apps Like Signal And Whatsapp Are Only As Private As The People You Talk To, by David Murphy, Lifehacker

Here’s the problem, though: If you’re dumb and you leave your messages on your device instead of deleting them, investigators can find them if they obtain physical access to your tablet or smartphone. The people you were talking to? Same deal.

And don’t forget: The party you’re “securely messaging” can also take screenshots of your conversations. If the app you’re using doesn’t warn you when this happens, a la Snapchat, or have some built-in mechanism to prevent screenshots, you’re stuck. Even if it does, a craftier person can just take out a secondary device and take a photo of the screen with your identifying information in it.


Apple Music Gains ‘Coming Soon’ Featured Section With Ability To Pre-add Albums, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Apple Music has received a few updates including a useful new ‘Coming Soon’ section that brings along expected album release dates and a pre-add feature. On Mac, Artist profiles are getting a refreshed look.

Send Your Message Around The World In Bottled: Message In A Bottle, by AppAdvice

After downloading the app, you’ll write a small message and can optionally even add a picture or gif. Just like the real-world bottle, you’ll then set the message free to travel.

The message will then be viewed by a person in another country. They can choose to keep it and start a live cha with the sender. Or they can send it along it’s way to be found by another person.


Today At Apple Launching New Design Prototyping Session To Help App Developers, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Today at Apple is a great program that offers free educational and inspirational sessions. Now, the company will be expanding the available sessions with one aimed at helping new app developers getting started.

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I was looking through all the apps that I regularly use on my iPhone and iPad, thinking that I wouldn't find anything that I really need to have on my Mac, because I always have the iOS devices next to my Mac anyway.

Then I noticed the Drafts app right in my dock, and immediately I wish we have... er... the sneak peek feature on our macOS now, and that I have Drafts app on my Mac.


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