The Strategically-Genius Edition Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Apple's New macOS Mojave Optimizes The Mac For iOS Users, Not PC Switchers, by Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider

If you're worried that Apple was going to throw away Macs to focus on iOS, you can relax. Macs are following the same strategy of interactive enhancement that in retrospect is both strategically genius and also just competent work and artistic craft. Things are just moving a lot faster now.

Developer Shares Proof An iPad With Face ID Is Coming, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

In his post, Steve Troughton-Smith noted that AvatarKit, Apple's framework for operating its Animoji and Memoji features as well as other functions, has been altered in iOS 12 to support an iPad-size screen. A screenshot supplied with the post shows what appears to be the main interface for producing Animoji, but on the larger iPad-style screen.

Apple's Rumored 18W USB-C iPhone Power Adapter Prototype Shown Off In New Photos, by Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Recent rumors and CAD renderings have suggested Apple may be planning to include an 18-watt USB-C charger and a Lightning to USB cable in the box with its iOS devices later this year, allowing for faster charging without requiring users to purchase separate charging accessories at additional cost.


Timing App Adds Sync For Time Tracking Across Multiple Macs, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

Timing, the popular time tracking app for macOS, just released a new update for Timing 2. This update will be a game changer for people using multiple Macs.

Review: Lightwave Light Switch, The Best UK HomeKit Solution For Smart Lighting, Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

The Lightwave is the perfect answer for us, it lets us connect our non-standard lighting to a smart light system that anyone can use, either through the Home app or pressing the physical switch. If someone comes over, you don’t need to explain to them what to do. They can use the light switch like a light switch, as it should be.

Facebook Shuts Down 'Moves' Fitness Tracker And Two Other Apps Due To Low Usage, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

"Moves", "tbh", and the Android-only "Hello" all face the chop as part of the company's latest app cull. Facebook says the apps are being shuttered because of low usage.


Anti-Flow, by Michael Lopp, Rands In Repose

Anti-Flow is shower thoughts. They are the random connections your brain makes on a problem, a thought, or an opportunity when you aren’t thinking about that problem, thought or opportunity. The unexpected magical quality of these discoveries might give you the impression that the summoning exercise is equally magical, but I’ve discovered a simple process to create hours of fertile Anti-Flow.

The Hidden Cost Of Touchscreens, by Amber Case, Medium

While analog interfaces aren’t applicable to every situation, they do force designers to make permanent decisions. And because specific choices must be made for physical button placement, it’s harder to design an unusable analog interface. And design decisions must be final. Software interfaces can be quickly changed and deployed without the same process — and the world is filling up with nested, mystery-meat menus and confusing user flows.


Gmail App Developers Have Been Reading Your Emails, by Shannon Liao, The Verge

Third-party app developers can read the emails of millions of Gmail users, a report from The Wall Street Journal highlighted today. Gmail’s access settings allows data companies and app developers to see people’s emails and view private details, including recipient addresses, time stamps, and entire messages. And while those apps do need to receive user consent, the consent form isn’t exactly clear that it would allow humans — and not just computers — to read your emails.

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Of course the iPad is going to get Face ID. It's just a matter of this year or next year.

I will not be surprise if iPad gets Face ID this year. Next year: iMac's turn.


Yes, I know the app is owned by Facebook, and it is not cool these days to be giving private data to apps owned by Facebook, but I am using the Moves app. This app allows me to answer questions such as where the hell did I have lunch last Thursday.

I am now auditioning for replacement apps.


The last time I went looking for an app -- to have the app automatically remind me to get off the train when I reach my destination -- and after I try out a few not-so-satisfying apps, it turned out that iOS already have such a feature built-in.

No wonder there wasn't any good apps to do that.


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