The Trade-Offs Edition Monday, July 30, 2018

2018 MacBook Pro Impressions, by Stephen Hackett, 512 Pixels

So, all in all, my new MacBook Pro is fast and hopefully more reliable than the ones before it. It still has the trade-offs that have defined this generation of Mac notebooks, but three years in, I think it’s time we all accept that this is how MacBook Pros are now, and for me, getting to use macOS on the road is well worth the cost.

Why Did iCloud Delete All Of My Photos?, by David Murphy, Lifehacker

What makes Apple’s iCloud treatment confusing isn’t anything Apple has done. Rather, it’s the fact that many cloud services—like Google Photos, for example—treat photo synchronization differently. That’s to be expected, but I think a number of people assume that each service does the same thing. They don’t.

My iPhone Changed My Password And Locked Me Out., by Perla Shaheen, CNET

Two days before the lock-out incident, I remembered starting the process of putting my corporate email on my phone, but I was never actually successful. My inbox is still all-personal, all the time.

Regardless, I wanted to look into the possibility, and went down to our friendly IT team to hear more about it. They explained that while signing in, right after you type in your email and password, the first pop up will immediately prompt you to change your phone passcode from four to six digits. The trust certificate comes after -- meaning the passcode change on my iPhone takes precedence over everything else.


What’s The Best Weather App For iPhone?, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

For me, it comes down to two apps: Dark Sky and Carrot Weather. Both are great.

Getting The Most From OneNote, Part I: A Hidden Office Gem, by Mary Branscombe, TechRepublic

Individual notes live in the sections of a notebook; you can have multiple sections in multiple notebooks that you keep private or share with colleagues and sync across devices. You can open a notebook that someone else has shared with you and have it fully synced on your own device, making it easy to collaborate. As you can rename and move all of these, you don't need to get the perfect structure straight away. Instead, the first step of making OneNote useful is to put as much information that you might need later as possible in there, so that you can search for it.


The Healthiest People In The World Don’t Go To The Gym, by Andrew Merle, Medium

You don’t need to lift heavy weights or grind through high intensity interval workouts to live a long and healthy life.

Simple, natural movement can be even more impactful.


Watch Tim Cook Address LGBT Community At LoveLoud Festival, by Luke Dormehl, Cult of Mac

Tim Cook made an appearance at Utah’s 2018 LoveLoud festival over the weekend, sharing a few thoughts with the crowd before introducing the band Imagine Dragons.

LoveLoud is a music festival celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. During his tenure as Apple CEO, Tim Cook has been a proud and outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

A Spectre Is Haunting Unicode, by Paul McCann, Dampfkraft

By interviewing the catalogers involved in the creation of the standard, the investigators established that some characters were inadvertently invented as mistakes in the cataloging process. For example, 妛 was an error introduced while trying to record "山 over 女". "山 over 女" occurs in the name of a particular place and was thus suitable for inclusion in the JIS standard, but because they couldn't print it as one character yet, 山 and 女 were printed separately, cut out, and pasted onto a sheet of paper, and then copied. When reading the copy, the line where the two little pieces of paper met looked like a stroke and was added to the character by mistake.