The Nondescript-Icon Edition Saturday, August 11, 2018

10 Secret Functions Of Default iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using, by Khamosh Pathak, MakeUseOf

But over the years, iOS has gained a lot of new functionality, including new default apps.

Features in iOS are usually hidden behind a nondescript icon or gesture. Once you know how to access these, you’ll get a lot more value and productivity out of your iPhone.

Obscura 1.2 Update Brings Advanced Photography App To iPad, by Peter Cao, 9to5Mac

The update also brings a handful of bug fixes including a layout fix for iPhone 5s/SE, flash not triggering, and faster launch times.

Is Apple Going To Ease Off Its HomeKit Chokehold? Sure Looks Like It…, by Kieren McCarthy, The Register

Apple has joined the Thread Group at the highest level – giving it a seat on the board – so it appears to be a serious strategic shift by Silicon Valley's idiot-tax operation rather than just a way to keep tabs on its competitors. We would not be at all surprised to see the Biz finally give HomeKit a proper launch at its annual September product hype-festival.