The Future-Update Edition Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Apple Removes Group FaceTime From iOS 12 And macOS Mojave, Says It'll Launch Later This Year, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

In release notes for both macOS Mojave and iOS 12, Apple says the feature has been removed from the initial releases of macOS Mojave and iOS 12 and "will ship in a future software update later this fall."

Siri Shortcuts Can Now Control Your HomeKit Devices, by Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

Its latest update gives testers the ability to add certain smart home controls to their workflows.

Command Line Intrusion | Mojave Blocks Admins, Too, by Security Boulevard

At WWDC 2018, Apple announced a raft of new user-level security features for the upcoming release of macOS 10.14 Mojave. Among these was a hardening of access to certain folders in the user’s Library, which will now require approval when applications try to traverse them. This change doesn’t affect just 3rd party apps, but native macOS apps like the Terminal, too. So, for example, if an admin user wants to use the command line to move around in, read, write or copy from something in a user’s Safari support folder, that’s going to require approval.

Every Breath You Take... I'll Be Watching You

Google Tracks Your Movements, Like It Or Not, by Ryan Nakashima, Associated Press

Even with Location History paused, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without asking.

For example, Google stores a snapshot of where you are when you merely open its Maps app. Automatic daily weather updates on Android phones pinpoint roughly where you are. And some searches that have nothing to do with location, like "chocolate chip cookies," or "kids science kits," pinpoint your precise latitude and longitude — accurate to the square foot — and save it to your Google account.

The privacy issue affects some two billion users of devices that run Google's Android operating software and hundreds of millions of worldwide iPhone users who rely on Google for maps or search.

Banks And Retailers Are Tracking How You Type, Swipe And Tap, by Stacy Cowley, New York Times

The way you press, scroll and type on a phone screen or keyboard can be as unique as your fingerprints or facial features. To fight fraud, a growing number of banks and merchants are tracking visitors’ physical movements as they use websites and apps.

Some use the technology only to weed out automated attacks and suspicious transactions, but others are going significantly further, amassing tens of millions of profiles that can identify customers by how they touch, hold and tap their devices.


RapidWeaver 8 Debuts Redesign, New Responsive Themes, Unsplash Support, And Improved Plug-In Management, by John Voorhees, MacStories

The update also adds five new Themes that can be adapted to work with many different types of websites. The new Themes are based on Bootstrap, a popular front-end component library for building responsive websites. The advantage of RapidWeaver though is that you don’t need to know anything about Bootstrap. The app allows users to create sites without diving into code, but it also makes it easy to get to the code when you want it.

The Virtual Musician: A Guide To Using Apps, Tablets And Technology For Performance And Teaching, by Laurie Niles,

Technology in the 21st century has opened all kinds of possibilities for classical musicians. Symphony music, solos, and new music from all over the globe can be bought or found for free on the Internet, and then downloaded in an instant. Stacks of music and books can be condensed into a single iPad that fits easily into a light backpack. Apps can teach students theory, rhythm and pitch.

But how do you get started? What kind of set-up do you need? Which are the best apps?

Best Comic Book Apps For iPhone And iPad, by Eammon Jacobs, Macworld

In general, the better apps offer one of two paths: Straightforward purchase (or rental) of content from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image Comics, and Dark Horse, or an easy way to read common file formats (PDF, ePUB, CBR, and CBZ). If they want to have even wider appeal, it’s in their interest to offer Viz and Kodansha titles for manga fans, as well as organization of issues in an easy-to-navigate format.

We’ve pulled together a list of the best comic book reader apps for iOS below—a mix of publisher-based options, as well as independent third-party apps that can read whatever you’ve already got in your stash.

Marco? Polo! Let's Explore The App Known As The 'Video Walkie-talkie', by Brie Barbee, Digital Trends

The app allows you to send short video messages to your friends and family, and respond to them much in the same way you would with Snapchat.


Preparing To Teach/demo, by Erica Sadun

Normally I use a separate account to present talks and demos but I’ve recently taken up a more regular instruction gig and in doing so, it’s too inconvenient to move from my main account. My main account is where all my development tools and code are a few clicks and keystrokes away. The demo one is very safe for public presentation but also very distant from my workflow.

To address this, I’ve built a demo-setup utility in Swift. I thought I’d share some of the features and approaches. A lot of these were non-trivial to track down in terms of time and I thought having them in one place could be useful to some of you reading my blog.


‘Please Do Not Switch Me Off!’: An Experiment With A Begging Robot Shows People Hesitate To Pull The Plug, by Hamza Shaban, Washington Post

If a little humanoid robot begged you not to shut it off, would you show compassion?

In an experiment designed to investigate how people treat robots when they act like humans, many participants struggled to power down a pleading robot, either refusing to shut it off or taking more than twice the amount of time to pull the plug.

Reading A Book Takes Time—Deal With It, by Erin Bartnett, Electric Literature

You only have 40 minutes to read a book? Get a bookmark! Don’t worry — the book will still be there when you get back. Reading is supposed to be slow. And it’s okay if it’s daunting. Books take a long time to write, and the good ones deserve more than a morning commute time to fully digest and understand.

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