The Medical-Devices Edition Thursday, September 27, 2018

Work- And School-issued Apple Products Had Serial Number Flaw, Researchers Say, by Alfred Ng, CNET

A flaw with Apple's device enrollment program used by schools and businesses could have been used to exploit information on those devices, researchers who discovered the issue said on Thursday.


James Barclay, a senior research and design engineer with Duo Security, and Rich Smith, director of Duo Labs, found vulnerabilities with the program after discovering the serial number was all a potential attacker needed to get sensitive information from enrolled devices.

The Apple Watch – Tipping Point Time For Healthcare, by Steve Blank

I don’t own an Apple Watch. I do have a Fitbit. But the Apple Watch 4 announcement intrigued me in a way no other product has since the original IPhone. This wasn’t just another product announcement from Apple. It heralded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) entrance into the 21stcentury. It is a harbinger of the future of healthcare and how the FDA approaches innovation.

Sooner than people think, virtually all home and outpatient diagnostics will be performed by consumer devices such as the Apple Watch, mobile phones, fitness trackers, etc. that have either become FDA cleared as medical devices or have apps that have received FDA clearance. Consumer devices will morph into medical grade devices, with some painful and well publicized mistakes along the way.

Let’s see how it turns out for Apple.

What Is Atrial Fibrillation, And Why Is Your Watch Telling You About It?, by John Timmer, Ars Technica

It's great for those who have a-fib but are asymptomatic or only suffer it sporadically. Identifying them and getting them treatment will be a positive. But we also may see it identify a lot of patients with false diagnoses, or who have a few extremely rare bursts of arrhythmia. That can affect them emotionally and potentially overburden our cardiac care system.


A First Look At The New Finder In macOS Mojave, by Stephen Hackett, The Sweet Setup

All in all, Apple has spent a lot of time making common file and system-related tasks on the Mac easier and more flexible. These features are all decidedly Mac-only, as Finder isn’t present on the iPad and iPhone. I think that shows that Apple knows that there are plenty of people who still need a Mac to get their work done, and will always welcome improvements to their platform of choice.

Linea Go Brings Popular And Powerful Drawing App To iPhone, by Brent Dirks, AppAdvice

Artists can use either their finger or a compatible iPhone stylus to work. There are a small number of tools to select from including the Art Pencil, Technical Pencil, Marker, and Pen.

Scriptable Controls Your iPhone With JavaScript, by Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

Now that you’re finally getting used to iOS 12’s new Shortcuts app, here comes Scriptable, a new automation app that runs JavaScript. It can make powerful and deep connections with your iPhone or iPad — working with the Files app, for example, or Reminders.

1Password 7.2 For macOS Mojave Debuts Built-in Safari Support, Dark Mode, Security Improvements, And More, by Josh Ginter, The Sweet Setup

1Password’s latest improvements to its iOS and Mac apps ensure you’ll use the app seamlessly on iOS and in the most secure formats on macOS.


How To Build A Low-tech Website?, by Kris De Decker, Low Tech Magazine

Because a website redesign was long overdue — and because we try to practice what we preach — we decided to build a low-tech, self-hosted, and solar-powered version of Low-tech Magazine. The new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content.


Apple Chief Designer Officer Jony Ive Awarded Prestigious Professor Hawking Fellowship, by Jasper Hamill, Metro

Apple’s British chief design officer has been awarded a fellowship founded in honour of the late Professor Stephen Hawking. Sir

Jonathan ‘Jony’ Ive is the second person to receive the Professor Hawking Fellowship, which celebrates excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Amazon’s Newest Brick-and-mortar Store Sells Only Top-rated Products, by Valentina Palladino, Ars Technica

Another brick-and-mortar Amazon store opens its doors today: Amazon 4-star, at a new location in New York City's Soho district. The retail giant's new store only sells products that have been rated four stars or above on, plus Amazon's own products.

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