The New-Icon Edition Monday, October 29, 2018

Exclusive: Icon Found In iOS Shows New iPad Pro With No Home Button, by Guilherme Rambo, 9to5Mac

Today, a new icon found within iOS offers a more detailed view of the 2018 iPad Pro, which we expect to be announced during the Tuesday event in Brooklyn. This icon shows an iPad with rounded corners, no home button and no notch. An interesting aspect of this icon is how large the bezels look when compared to the recent iPhones.

Apple Watch ECG Will Be Limited By System Region Settings, Can Be Changed To Enable Use Outside US, by Guilherme Rambo, 9to5Mac

One of the new features of Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to take an Electrocardiogram of the user’s heart through a series of new sensors on the back of the device and on the revised digital crown. Since this feature requires regulatory approval by health authorities, Apple Watch ECG will roll out to users in the United States first, where Apple was able to get clearance from the FDA.

This limitation is not enforced by hardware, and if you buy an Apple Watch Series 4 in any country, it includes the new sensors. Looking at code within iOS related to the ECG feature, we’ve been able to confirm that its limitation to the US will be based on the software region of the user’s devices (iPhone and Apple Watch).

Why Android Nearby, iBeacons, And Eddystone Failed To Gain Traction, by Kyle Wiggers, VentureBeat

App dependence was (and is) a major hurdle. It’s tough to convince customers to download a service they’ve never used, even with the promise of discounts — especially considering up to 70 percent haven’t heard of beacons.


Beacons tend to be spammy, too. Google cited “a significant increase in locally irrelevant … notifications” as the reason it decided to discontinue Nearby Notifications, and not without good reason. One recent study showed a 313 percent decline in shopping app use by customers who received more than one beacon notification in a single location.


Apple Watch Reportedly Assembled By Illegal High School Labor, Apple Investigating, by Rogher Fingas, AppleInsider

"We are urgently investigating the report that student interns added in September are working overtime and night shifts," a company spokesperson told the Financial Times. "We have zero tolerance for failure to comply with our standards and we ensure swift action and appropriate remediation if we discover violations."

A Hong Kong-based labor rights group, Sacom, said it interviewed 28 such students this summer at a Quanta factory in Chongqing. The people said that they had nominally been sent to the factory on internships, but in reality handled the same tasks as anyone else, often working overtime and night shifts, which are illegal for student interns in China yet a recurring problem.

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So, there are rumors that the smart connectors for the new iPad Pros will be moved to a different location. And the reason for the move has to be because the smart keyboards will be new and different, right? Maybe the new smart keyboard can be used in both iPad landscape and portrait orientations? Or maybe the iPad and keyboard combo can be used like Microsoft's Surface Studio?

So, there are rumors of a new Mac mini? I bet it will be way smaller than the existing Mac mini, and will be way more expensive than the existing Mac mini. The question, if there is indeed a new Mac mini, is whether this new machine will be a good indication on what the upcoming Mac Pro will look like? Or, perhaps, there will be a new teaser for the 2019 product?

So, there are rumors of a new iPad mini? Will this be even cheaper than the iPad (regular size)?

We shall find out in less than 24 hours...


Thanks for reading.