The Learning-Opportunity Edition Monday, November 26, 2018

9 Hidden iPhone Features That Make Your Life Easier, by Jason Snell, Tom's Guide

This month a viral Twitter post taught us all a valuable lesson about just how intuitive phone interface aren't: Apple has let iPhone users move a text-editing cursor around on screen for a few years, but outside of the tech press nobody seemed to get the memo.

Yes, it's hard to make interface features on touchscreens obvious. (I wonder a bit about why Apple isn't more aggressive in using the built-in Tips app to teach people how to use features of its devices.) But it's a learning opportunity, too! And with that, I present nine other simple iPhone features that maybe escaped your attention.

How Much For That App? U.S. Top Court Hears Apple Antitrust Dispute, by Andrew Chung, Reuters

When iPhone users want to edit blemishes out of their selfies, identify stars and constellations or simply join the latest video game craze, they turn to Apple Inc’s App Store, where any software application they buy also includes a 30 percent cut for Apple.

That commission is a key issue in a closely watched antitrust case that will reach the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. The nine justices will hear arguments in Apple’s bid to escape damages in a lawsuit accusing it of breaking federal antitrust laws by monopolizing the market for iPhone apps and causing consumers to pay more than they should.

The justices will ultimately decide a broader question: Can consumers even sue for damages in an antitrust case like this one?


Luna Display Review, by Ed Hardy, Cult of Mac

Astro HQ Luna Display is the best solution we’ve found for using an iPad as a second screen for a Mac. Images appear on the tablet’s screen very nearly as fast as they would on a standard external display. But the difference between “very nearly as fast” and “just as fast” keeps this accessory from completely replacing a regular external screen that’s hooked to your Mac.

In other words, Luna Display is hugely convenient when using a Mac on the go. But it’s not going to replace an external monitor for daily office use. Still, it’s a fantastic addition for people who already travel with a MacBook and iPad.

Seven Music Apps To Turn Your Apple Watch Into An Audio Controller, by David Nield, Popular Science

With each successive update, the Apple Watch becomes even more useful. But to get the most out of it, you need to load it up with the right apps. So we collected the best music and audio programs for your smartwatch.

The wearable actually comes with a default Music app, which lets you control your phone's audio playback from your wrist (at least when that audio is running on Apple's native apps). But these additional apps can do even more than that: They give you easy access to your tunes, help you identify songs, organize your podcasts, and more. To play around with them, just install them on your iPhone, and companion versions will appear on your Apple Watch.

PowerPic Is The Phone Charger/picture Frame You Don’t Really Need (But Will Probably Want), by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the PowerPic is the best looking charger I’ve run across, but has its drawbacks. Obviously, you can only juice up one gadget at a time. And the photo in the PowerPic doesn’t appear when your phone is charging.


I Went To Buy A MacBook Air And Apple Tried To Sell Me A MacBook Pro, by Chris Matyszczyk, ZDNet

Perhaps, in his mind, we Air users are inferior, primitive types who don't need much memory.

I fear, though, that it's our long memories that keep us buying MacBook Airs. We remember how good they've always been.

I don't know how this Air will compare with the classics I've been using for some time.

But I feel sure about one thing: I'll never buy a MacBook Pro. Just, you know, because.

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Not only should Apple make better use of the Tips app to teach customers how to use features in iPhones and iPads, but Siri should also figure out what are the relevant tips to surface up, and what are the other tips (You can check stock prices for your favorite stocks!) can remain hidden.


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