The Looking-Great Edition Sunday, January 13, 2019

UX Rant: The Nightmare Horrorshow That Is The Apple TV Remote, by Steve Brykman, Ars Technica

These issues all lead me to one conclusion: the design priority here was to make something that would encourage sales by looking great on a screen but which isn’t that great at manipulating content on said screen. Which is unfortunate, since that’s the one thing a remote is meant to do.

The Lost Art Of Legendary Apple UX, by Marcin Krzyżanowski

It took Apple [about 10] minutes to left me very pissed, and I was not able to complete basic task.


Want To Give Blood? There’s An App For That., by Erin Blakemore, Washington Post

It helps you find places to donate and set up appointments. It also stores data about your blood donations so you can see how much you’ve donated and when it’s time to donate again. The app sends out alerts about shortages so you can give blood when it’s needed most. And it even lets you recruit new blood donors, creating a team of your friends and keeping track of your total donations.


Apple Buys 50 Business Class Seats From San Francisco To Shanghai Every Day, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple has many suppliers in China, which explains why the company sends so many employees to the Shanghai Pudong Airport.

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Personally, I don't really mind the Apple TV remote. I've purchased the (probably overpriced) Apple Loop that goes with the remote, and don't really have a problem figuring which way is up with the loop sticking out on one end. Also, because I am living in a typical Singapore apartment, it will never be so dark out here that I can't see the remote.

The problem I do have is that the same remote behave differently in different apps. Some apps do an x-second forward and rewind when I click on the sides of the trackpad, while some do not. The 'Menu' button do different things in different apps; in fact, in some apps, the 'Menu' button behave differently in different parts of the same app.

Apple will do well, I believe, to rethink the user-interface guidelines for the Apple TV. And to enforce the guidelines in a more stringent manner.


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