The Where-The-Eyeballs-Go Edition Sunday, January 20, 2019

From WhatsApp To Alexa : Why The Ad-free Era Is Over, by Chris Stokel-Walker, The Guardian

“Consumers are very good at filtering out messages,” explains Lisa Du-Lieu, a senior lecturer in marketing at Huddersfield University. “If you don’t get their attention within the first couple of seconds, it just bounces off them.”

For that reason, brands are shifting their attention to platforms and formats that they know we are engaged with. “Advertising goes where the eyeballs go,” says James Whatley, an independent advertising expert, formerly of global advertising agency Ogilvy.

The Cab Ride That Nearly Killed Me Changed How I Think About Ride-Hailing Apps, by Yoolim Lee, Bloomberg

As we set off, I noticed he was taking an unusual route. Instead of heading for the expressway, he turned in the opposite direction and took local roads, following GPS directions shown on the Grab app on the smartphone mounted next to his steering wheel. I was going to tell him there was a better way but decided against it. I figured the app must have known something I didn’t.

The first thing I remember about the accident was the sound of thunder. The second was realizing the sound wasn’t thunder, but my head banging against the window. We’d sped through a junction where my driver was supposed to stop and had collided with a black Mercedes-Benz.

A moment later there was another loud noise—the sound of a second car, a Honda, crashing into my door. The contents of my blue purse scattered in every direction.


Apple Begins Selling iPhone SE Again On Clearance Store, Starting At $249 Brand New, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple is offering the iPhone SE with 32GB of storage for $249 and with 128GB of storage for $299 on its clearance store in the United States.


Apple To Streamline Team Management In Apple Developer Program And App Store Connect, by AppleInsider

Apple in February will change the way it handles development teams for organizations, unifying individual memberships into a single set of roles across the Apple Developer website and App Store Connect.


A Gardening App Born From A Software Dev's Backyard, by Dale Denwalt, NewsOK

Pairing technology with the open air of home gardening makes somewhat of an odd couple, but it's a fact not lost on Spoonemore as he attempts to bridge the two worlds.

Gardening is an opportunity to disconnect, he said, especially because he attributes part of his depression to the effects of staring at a computer screen for hours and hours at work.

Apple Ordered To Pull Part Of Press Release In Qualcomm Case, by Sonam Rai, Reuters

“The press release ... is misleading as it contains statements that are at least potentially deceptive about the availability of the goods, namely the iPhones affected by the ruling,” a three-judge panel wrote in the latest ruling.

The judges said Apple’s press release gives consumers and retailers the false impression of unlimited availability of the phones.