The Creates-Uncertainty Edition Friday, February 22, 2019

Apple's Move To ARM-Based Macs Creates Uncertainty, by Ina Fried, Axios

Although the company has yet to say so publicly, developers and Intel officials have privately told Axios they expect such a move as soon as next year.

Some Apple Music Users Unable To Load 'For You' Tab In iTunes Recently: 'An Error Occurred', by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

While some affected users can temporarily access the "For You" tab in iTunes after signing out and back in to their Apple ID account, the error message eventually returns. On our affected machine, nothing we have done has restored access to the tab, including force quitting iTunes and restarting the Mac.

Netflix Is Shrinking The World, by Farhad Manjoo, New York Times

In the process, Netflix has discovered something startling: Despite a supposed surge in nationalism across the globe, many people like to watch movies and TV shows from other countries. “What we’re learning is that people have very diverse and eclectic tastes, and if you provide them with the world’s stories, they will be really adventurous, and they will find something unexpected,” Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice president for original content, told me.

The strategy may sound familiar; Hollywood and Silicon Valley have long pursued expansion internationally. But Netflix's strategy is fundamentally different. Instead of trying to sell American ideas to a foreign audience, it’s aiming to sell international ideas to a global audience.


Apple Updates Compatible eGPU List For macOS With Details On RX 560 Support, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

With today’s change, however, the RX 560 is once again officially supported with the all-in-one Sonnet Radeon RX 560 eGFX Breakaway Puck. Users have had luck with using the RX 560 in the past, but today’s update to Apple’s webpage offers official confirmation.

Adobe Issues Premiere Pro Fix For Bug That Caused Blown-Out MacBook Pro Speakers, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

While Adobe is urging all users to update their software, there's still no word on how affected users might be recompensed following damage to their Macs.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Vs. Apple’s AirPods: How Do They Compare On An iPhone?, by Leif Johnson, Macworld

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are a reminder of what a great job Apple did with the AirPods. These buds cost “only” $30 less than the AirPods, but Apple’s true wireless earbuds deliver much better speaker and audio quality on the iPhone, along with customizable taps, easy pairing, and a case that offers many hours of charging.

The Galaxy Buds have clear advantages in fit, passive noise cancellation, a wirelessly charging case, and price, but the limitations are such that I still feel safe in recommending that you skip these and pick up the AirPods with an iPhone instead.

Ejector Is A New macOS App That Makes It Easy To Manage Drives W/ Your Keyboard & Touch Bar, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

With Ejector installed, simply press the eject key on your Mac’s keyboard to see a list of all connected volumes. This includes external drives, disk images, network drives, and partitions.

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Given how well Apple has done Macintosh chip transitions in the past -- 68K to PowerPC to Intel -- it will be a shame if it messes up the next transition and spoil its perfect record.

In particular, it is the Marzipan portion that seems to be really on shaky grounds. There need to be a difference in priorities between the different platforms, and Marzipan seemingly doesn't address these differences.

(Of course, we have no idea what Marzipan will ultimately be. All we have is a sneak peek.)


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