The Early-and-Hungry Edition Sunday, April 21, 2019

Apple Maps Finds A Useful Feature: Indoor Airport Guides, by Jefferson Graham, Yahoo

“The old way: arrive to the airport early and hungry, and look for something to eat. You don’t like the choices and wonder what’s around the corner. Yes, there are signs at the airport, but information is scarce. On the Apple Maps app, you see what’s near the gate, the hours of operation for the restaurants, and you can find out what’s near other gates as well.

And as you start walking, the information adapts visually to your new locations, in real time.”

How Apple's Battery Repair Saved My MacBook Pro, by Hentry T. Casey, Laptop Magazine

And then I noticed that everything else was clean, with the replacement of the keyboard deck, the keys (including the A key cap I'd clicked so much it was fading away) and the touchpad. And while the MacBook Pro is harder to repair because all of those parts are contained in the top enclosure where the battery is affixed with a strong adhesive, it also somehow meant that my model got a new lease on life for the price of only one of its parts.

That Mental Health App Might Share Your Data Without Telling You, by Rachel Becker, The Verge

Free apps marketed to people with depression or who want to quit smoking are hemorrhaging user data to third parties like Facebook and Google — but often don’t admit it in their privacy policies, a new study reports. This study is the latest to highlight the potential risks of entrusting sensitive health information to our phones.

Walking For Weight Loss: What Is The Active 10 App And How Can It Help You Burn Fat?, by Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz, Daily Star

The Active 10 walking app is a tracker which takes away the guesswork from the exercise.

It will show you how much “brisk” walking you are doing, and how you can improve.

An Ex-Apple Designer Explains Why Cupertino Didn't Address Screen Addiction Earlier, by Marcus Baram, Fast Company

Galloway cut to the heart of the matter with tough words. “I think that the majority of design jobs and the genius in design right now is to bio-mechanically addict us,” he said, then gave a sobering account of his own addiction to social media, comparing it to his father’s cigarette habit: “Twitter is my smoking.” The audience laughed but got serious when he asked whether his 8-year-old and 11-year-old sons would be able to modulate their social media use as well as he does. “So, what is the greatest kind of design achievement from a purely human behavior standpoint? That we have kids literally addicted to their screens.” He went on to note the dramatic increase in teen suicide admittances to emergency rooms. “That’s probably the most influence of design thinking that I’ve seen happening right now,” he said.

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There will be a day when I realize I haven't been using my Mac at all, and all my 'computer stuff' are done on a phone and a tablet.

There will also be a day when I am so burnt out on programming that I stop.

I wonder which of these two days come first.


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