The Watch-App-Store Edition Monday, May 6, 2019

Apple To Reveal New Home-Grown Apps, Software Features At WWDC, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

“Developers, from first-time engineers to larger companies, can rest assured that everyone is playing by the same set of rules,” Apple said in a recent statement rebutting Spotify’s complaint. “That’s how it should be. We want more app businesses to thrive -- including the ones that compete with some aspect of our business, because they drive us to be better.”

New features coming to the Apple Watch illustrate the balance the company must strike. Apple plans to add the App Store directly to the Watch so users can download apps on the go. This could open up huge new opportunities for outside developers, boosting app installations. But Apple has its own new Watch apps in the works, too. There will be new health applications, a Calculator and a Books app for listening to audio books from your wrist, the people familiar with the plans said.

Brussels Poised To Probe Apple Over Spotify’s Fees Complaint, by Financial Times

After considering the complaint and surveying customers, rivals and others in the market, the EU competition commission has decided to launch a formal antitrust investigation into Apple’s conduct, according to three people familiar with the probe.

Europe Is Reining In Tech Giants. But Some Say It’s Going Too Far., by Adam Satariano, New York Times

Heralded as the world’s toughest watchdog of Silicon Valley technology giants, Europe has clamped down on violent content, hate speech and misinformation online through a thicket of new laws and regulations over the past five years. Now there are questions about whether the region is going too far, with the rules leading to accusations of censorship and potentially providing cover to some governments to stifle dissent.


7 Apps To Relieve Stress When Wedding Planning Gets Overwhelming, by Chinea Rodriguez, Brides

If you've found it difficult to make time for self-care between balancing wedding planning with your schedule at work and at home, it could be time to pick up the phone. Self-care doesn't have to be pricey or time-consuming, so we've rounded up the best apps to relieve stress so you can unwind in no time. Best of all, they're all free to download and include plenty of free benefits and quick, easy activities.


Giving Up Is Not The Same Thing As Failing, by Tim Herrera, New York Times

Rather than fighting tooth and nail to find the “correct” solution to the problem in front of you, sometimes it’s worth the risk of looking foolish to ask: Why are we even trying to solve this problem, anyway?


How Apple News+ Could Be The Forbidden Fruit For Publishers, by John McDuling, Sydney Morning Herald

If News and Nine both bypass Apple News+ the product might seem undercooked in Australia but could still appeal to journalism junkies: as stated earlier, getting access to a vast array of international content on a single bill could be highly convenient.

Bypassing Apple News+ is not without risk - the device giant has a massive army of loyal users. Those deciding to do so just have to ensure their product (that is, their journalism) is strong enough to withstand it.

Apple Buys A Company Every Few Weeks, Says CEO Tim Cook, by Lauren Feiner, CNBC

In roughly the last six months alone, Cook said Apple has bought approximately 20 to 25 companies. Apple often doesn't announce these deals because the companies are small and Apple is "primarily looking for talent and intellectual property," Cook said.

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