The Still-Tweaking Edition Friday, May 24, 2019

Apple’s Keyboard ‘Material’ Changes On The New MacBook Pro Are Minor At Best, by Dieter Bohn, The Verge

According to iFixit, Apple made two changes to the new keyboards that are on its just-announced, spec-bumped MacBook Pro. The changes seem to amount to a new membrane that might be more effective at repelling debris and a new dome switch that might be more resilient. And though it’s much too early to say whether or not those changes will make a difference in improving the keyboard’s reliability, what is clear right now is that Apple is still just tweaking its design instead of overhauling it.

Let It Grow: The Appification Of Plants Is Helping Owners Keep Them Alive, by Molly McHugh, The Ringer

On-demand order and delivery is a natural space for houseplant entrepreneurs to target, but the tech startup interest in the market extends beyond shopping logistics. Once those plants are in their homes, people need help taking care of them. The App Store is full of watering, care-reminder, and note-taking apps (such as Happy Plant, Plant Watering Reminder, and Waterbug) so users can keep track of their plants. For deeper insight, there are digital tools for analyzing the specifics of plants’ environments and customizing care plans.

Apple Pulls Popular iOS Game After Chinese Company Steals Its Name, by Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

Apple has removed titles from the App Store for puzzling and frustrating reasons in the past. This is another one of those cases.

Developer Playsaurus has done nothing wrong. It didn’t break any App Store rules or regulations. But thanks to a shady Chinese company, its game had to get the boot.


New 'Source' Wireless Charger From Spansive Charges Four iPhones At Once Thanks To Unique Design, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Spansive says the Source uses "software-designed induction to shape magnetic fields" to create a device that allows four smartphones (or other Qi-based devices) to charge at once using a three-dimensional charging field that can "sense where devices are located."


The Best Resources To Help You Learn Apple's Swift 5 Programming Language, by Nik Rawlinson, Macworld UK

Apple’s Swift is billed by the tech giant as a programming language that "lets everyone build amazing apps." Now, that may be true, but don’t expect to dive into Swift coding today and write the next Candy Crush tomorrow. As with any language, spoken or coded, learning it takes both time and effort.

Help is at hand, though, with both free and commercial resources available online covering the language in depth. Whatever your ability, you’ll find plenty here to advance your skills.


Apple's App Store Ads Make Finding The App You Want Frustrating, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

I get it that ads in the App Store are a revenue stream for Apple – and you're going to see more of them in future – but it feels sort of weird and very un-Apple for the ads to be so poorly targeted. In fact, as far as ad targeting goes, this feels as dumb as a bag of rocks.