The iTunes-the-App Edition Sunday, June 2, 2019

Apple Wipes iTunes Pages On Facebook And Instagram Ahead Of WWDC, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

As noted on Reddit, Apple has abruptly removed all social media content from its iTunes page on Facebook, including posts, photos, and videos. This appears to have happened within the past 24 hours, as a cached version of the iTunes page on Facebook still had content available as of May 31.

Madonna’s New Today At Apple Music Lab Teaches The Art Of The Remix, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

On June 14th, Madonna will release her latest album titled Madame X. The iconic musician will also soon introduce Today at Apple session attendees in Apple retail stores across the world to the art of remixing tracks in GarageBand for iOS. Like all co-created sessions, a prerecorded video by the artist sets the tone for the lab before Apple’s Creative Pros take over to dive in to a project. Participants will use Madonna’s song “Crave” from the new album as the foundation for their own remixes after learning about what inspired the music.

Apple Just Patched A Modem Bug That's Been In Macs Since 1999, by Lily Hay Newman, Wired

In 1999, Apple released a slew of new features with Mac OS 9, calling it "the best internet operating system ever." The idea was to unlock the full potential of the turquoise plastic iMac G3—the Internet Mac!—released in 1998. But 12-year-old Joshua Hill didn't have an iMac. To take advantage of all the new connectivity from his parents' mid-'90s Mac Performa, he needed a modem that would plug into the computer through one of its chunky "serial" ports. So, naturally, he swapped his holographic Han Solo trading card with a friend for a 56k modem and started poking around. Twenty years later, his childhood fascination has led him to unearth a modem configuration bug that's been in Apple operating systems all these years. And Apple finally patched it in April.


Apple Shares New 'Shot On iPhone XS' Short Film Titled 'Las Cholitas Voladoras', by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

The video is entitled “Las Cholitas Voladoras” and highlights an association of female wrestlers based in Bolivia.

Ten Things Outdoor Enthusiasts Loves About Apple Watch And iPhone, by Mathias Eichler, iMore

I've been taking my iPhone and Apple Watch into the backcountry for a long time now and am continuously surprised and delighted how well they hold up. Each iteration gets better and makes adventuring more fun. There's a stereotype that outdoor gear is supposed to look like a Tonka Truck; overly bubbly and burly and surrounded by protective plastic on every surface, but even though iPhone and Apple Watch look slick and are at home on any runway, they are equally well suited on a trail, in the wilderness, surrounded by dust and mud, far away from cell signals, subways and Uber rides.

So, what is it that outdoor enthusiasts love about the iPhone and Watch?

Niantic Says It's Ending Support For Pokémon GO On The Apple Watch, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

The company is pushing users its Adventure Sync feature, which tracks steps and other data through integration with third-party apps.


Why Apple Needs iPad Apps On The Mac, by Steve Troughton-Smith, High Caffeine Content

That NeXT competitive advantage became Apple's competitive advantage, and, later, iPhone's competitive advantage. This is the competitive advantage a native platform from Apple has over the web; it would be such a shame to half-ass this transition to Marzipan and concede defeat to web apps on the desktop instead of letting native apps reach the heights they deserve. And still, dividing Apple's attention between not one but two native app frameworks, each tens of floors tall, will always be a major constraint; I want to see what Apple can really do.


8 Siblings. 4 Time Zones. One WhatsApp Group., by Maeve Higgins, New York Times

I have these six girls, now women, and one boy, now man, that are mine, my family. Their offspring are also mine, and with the arrival of a chubby baby boy earlier this year they number seven. We are spread across the world, in the United Arab Emirates, in Jordan, in England, in Ireland and in the United States. Our primary form of contact is a group WhatsApp chat: my parents and the eight children. Just the 10 of us. Every now and then one of us loses a phone or changes a number, and we start a new chat. The current one was created in August 2017 and holds 5,600 photos and probably four times as many messages.

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I'm not sure what's the future of the iTunes Music Store, but I cannot imagine Apple abandoning the download-purchases market this year. After all, the company has declared music to be in their DNA.

On the other hand, Apple indicated it has no plans to merge iOS and macOS. But why would it force customers to choose between an iPad and a MacBook?


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