The Privacy-Focused Edition Sunday, June 16, 2019

It's Time To Switch To A Privacy Browser, by David Nield, Wired

There's a new battleground in the browser wars: user privacy. Firefox just made its Enhanced Tracking Protection a default feature, Apple continues to pile privacy-focused features into its Safari browser, and people are more aware than ever before of the sort of information they can reveal every time they set a digital footprint on the web.

If you want to push back against online tracking, you've got several options to pick from when choosing a default browser. These are the browsers that put user privacy high on the list of their priorities.

Dear Apple, Here's How I Solved My MacBook Keyboard Problem, by Chris Matyszczyk, ZDNet

Could it be that some speck of dust beneath my M key has finally disappeared to the dust bowl in the sky? Could it be that my constant bashing finally crushed a tiny piece of butter croissant into pieces so infinitesimal that they could no longer affect my M key?

Massive Lineup Outside Apple's New Store In Taipei Shows Us That They Still Have The Magic, by Jack Purcher, Patently Apple

The lineup to get into Apple's new Xinyi A13 Store in Taipei this morning shows us that Apple still has the magic. This is Apple's second store in Taiwan. For the first time, Apple hosted an artist-led Today at Apple sessions in Taiwan featuring world-class creators, including local artists based in Taiwan.


Is iCloud Good? It Has Finally Delivered On Jobs’ Original Promise, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

A lot of people will say that “Apple can’t do cloud-services”, but I am here to say that as someone who relies on iCloud for almost all of my work, Apple has finally arrived with the iCloud experience The unboxing experience was superb, and the set up process was a breeze. After I signed into iCloud, all my data just appeared.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Headphones Review: Apple AirPods' Cooler Cousin, by Sophie Curtis, Mirror

Overall, I was really impressed with the PowerBeats Pro. They take the best technology from the AirPods and wrap it up in a cooler, more understated package that will appeal to gym bunnies and professionals alike.

There Is No Perfect Travel App—But These Will Help, by David Pierce, Wall Street Journal

Many developers and companies are working on making travel easier and more personalized, and they are already starting to offer ways to make your travels a little smarter. None are even close to getting it right. But for each of the three phases of travel—planning the trip, getting there, and exploring your destination—there are apps that are beginning to figure it out.

That doesn’t mean your apps won’t sometimes point you to Starbucks.


Music Is Supposed To Unify Us. Is The Streaming Revolution Fragmenting Us Instead?, by Nolan Gasser, Los Angeles Times

Certainly, the digital music revolution offers many blessings to us as individuals. It enhances our taste and lets us discover things that bring us joy. But as we lament our too fragmented society, let us turn to music to bond with one another. It may not heal all the divisions we face, but it’s hard to feel disconnected when you’re sharing a song.

The Healing Power Of Calligraphy... The Art Form Enjoying A Resurgence, by Hanna Woodside, Daily Mail

More relaxed and freestyle than traditional calligraphy, you’ll spot the artful loops, flicks and flourishes on everything from wedding invitations to the specials board at your local gastro pub. The art form has enjoyed a resurgence in recent months, too. A combination of the ‘Meghan effect’ – national retail chain Hobbycraft reported an incredible 40 per cent spike in calligraphy kit sales last year when it was revealed that the Duchess of Sussex enjoyed the pastime – and a proliferation of modern calligraphy accounts on Instagram, sharing gorgeous, intricate lettering (which are often combined with motivational quotes), has inspired more and more of us to pick up a pen.

Unlike the trend for adult colouring books (hands up if you have one abandoned on a shelf at home), it takes dedication to master the flowing strokes of modern calligraphy. But that’s all part of the joy of it for these five women – who each credit calligraphy with enhancing their lives in very different ways.

Happy Birthday! Just Don’t Open Your Inbox., by Hilary Sheinbaum, New York Times

During birth months, weeks and days, digital and physical mailboxes can become congested with celebratory coupons., a supposed benefit of signing up for subscription lists and reward programs.

But these can contribute to the vague feeling of malaise surrounding one’s birthday in the digital age, when greetings come easily, but perhaps not thoughtfully, thanks to automated calendar reminders.