The Feels-iOS-y Edition Thursday, June 20, 2019

Apple Is Updating Its First 4 iOS Apps For Mac, by Jason Hiner, CNET

"We've looked at the design and features of some of those apps and said we can make this a bit more of a Mac experience through changes that are independent of the use of Catalyst, but are just design team decisions," Federighi said. "When I read some of the initial reviews of those apps, people were saying, 'Obviously this technology is causing them to do things that don't feel Mac-like.' Honestly, 90% of those were just decisions that designers made ... People took that as 'this feels iOS-y' and therefore they thought it was a technology thing. Actually, it was a designer preference. So part of [the upgrade] is we said we've got to co-evolve with our user base around the aesthetics of the Mac experience. And so we made some adjustments to the apps."

What Bird Brains Can Teach Self-Driving Cars, by Sarah McBride, Bloomberg

Animals have long played important roles in advancing corporate science, of course, particularly for medical treatments. But the leap required to translate insights from the zebra finch’s sound-processing anatomy into Siri’s voice-recognition software—or mouse gaming into a future when Inc. runs all-android warehouses—is of an entirely different order. With whole new industries at stake, the race to unlock the secrets of the animal mind is getting weird.


Apple Completes Best Buy Repair Partnership With Nearly 1,000 US Locations, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

While Apple customers in major metropolitan areas are often in reach of an Apple Store when it comes time to make a device repair appointment, those outside of city centers or regions without Apple Authorized Service Providers are left with few options. To give more customers access to safe and reliable repairs, Apple today announced that it has now expanded its authorized service network to every Best Buy location in the United States.

Adobe Brings Full Version Of Lightroom To The Mac App Store, by Phillip Tracy, Laptop Magazine

The first flagship Adobe service added to Apple's redesigned App Store, Lightroom is a popular choice among creative pros for editing, organizing and storing photos.

How To Use Gladys To Work Between The Mac And iPad, by Josh Ginter, The Sweet Setup

If I’m working on a piece at my Mac and need to find something that’s on my iPad, I can drag the file into Gladys on iPad and that file has synced to the Mac by the time my hands have switched keyboards.

Affinity Launches Professional Desktop Publisher For Mac With Integrated Vector Design And Image Editor App, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

The new app is a professional desktop publisher for Mac and Windows that integrates the company’s vector software Affinity Designer and image editor Affinity Photo for a seamless experience.


Your Professional Decline Is Coming Sooner Than You Think, by Arthur C. Brooks, The Atlantic

I am extremely fortunate to have the means and opportunity to be able to walk away from a job. Many people cannot afford to do that. But you don’t necessarily have to quit your job; what’s important is striving to detach progressively from the most obvious earthly rewards—power, fame and status, money—even if you continue to work or advance a career. The real trick is walking into the next stage of life, Vanaprastha, to conduct the study and training that prepare us for fulfillment in life’s final stage.

Time is limited, and professional ambition crowds out things that ultimately matter more. To move from résumé virtues to eulogy virtues is to move from activities focused on the self to activities focused on others. This is not easy for me; I am a naturally egotistical person. But I have to face the fact that the costs of catering to selfishness are ruinous—and I now work every day to fight this tendency.

Fortunately, an effort to serve others can play to our strengths as we age. Remember, people whose work focuses on teaching or mentorship, broadly defined, peak later in life. I am thus moving to a phase in my career in which I can dedicate myself fully to sharing ideas in service of others, primarily by teaching at a university. My hope is that my most fruitful years lie ahead.

Here’s what I’ve found.


Slack Wants To Replace Email. Is That What We Want?, by John Herrman, New York Times

A workplace does not simply start using Slack. It is not “adopted” in the manner of new system for expenses, or a new video meeting app. Slack arrives like word of a new office space, or a coming restructuring. Slack is where and how work gets done.

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