The Don't-Match-Reality Edition Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tim Cook Disputes 'Absurd' Reports About Jony Ive's Departure From Apple, by Dylan Byers, NBC News

In a rare, scathing statement sent exclusively to NBC News, Cook took issue with a report published Sunday night by The Wall Street Journal that said Ive had grown frustrated with Cook’s leadership and alleged lack of interest in the design production process. Cook said the report does not match reality and fails to understand how Apple's design team actually works.

"The story is absurd," Cook said in an email. "A lot of the reporting, and certainly the conclusions, just don’t match with reality.”

’CrescentCore’ Malware Attacks Your Mac, Evades Antivirus Tools, by Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

Security researches have discovered new malware that targets macOS users and evades popular antivirus tools.

“CrescentCore” is distributed as a DMG package that’s disguised as Adobe Flash Player. It can now be found on multiple websites — one of which is “a high-ranking Google search result,” according to Intego.


Apple Announces 'Up Next Live' Concerts For Its Retail Stores, Featuring Artists Like Khalid And Lewis Capaldi, by Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors

Apple recently announced a new series of live concerts that will be held in retail locations around the world this summer, under a new initiative called "Up Next Live." All of the artists playing concerts are alumni of Apple Music's Up Next program, which highlights up-and-coming musicians.

Expansion Slot Utility Returns In Catalina For New Mac Pro, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

In the app, Mac Pro users will be able to manually assign bandwidth between pools or enable automatic bandwidth configuration. The latter option will allow the Mac Pro itself to dynamically assign bandwidth between PCI Expansion accessories.

The app will also tell users when their installed PCI cards are not arranged in a configuration that will produce the best performance. In this case, Expansion Slot Utility will offer suggestions on where to move specific cards in order to improve performance.

Agenda 6.0 Adds Full Integration With Apple’s Reminders, by Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

Apple has a big update coming to Reminders in iOS 13, and despite all that’s changing in the app, one important thing is not: developers will still be able to integrate with Reminders so you can create, check off, and manage your tasks from a third-party app. The latest app to take advantage of this is Agenda, the date-based note-taking app which launches full Reminders integration in version 6.0 today on both iOS and the Mac.

While some apps aim to be a complete Reminders replacement, such as GoodTask, Agenda’s approach is to use Apple’s built-in task system for two main purposes: creating to-dos linked to Agenda notes, and complementing the existing calendar integrations.

Build The Skyscraper Of Your Dreams In Lego Tower For iOS, by Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

The free-to-play title lets you build a Lego skyscraper world, with apartments, hospitals, stores, and more. The higher you build, the more options you have — and you’ll collect a bunch of awesome Lego toys along the way.

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