The Zima-Blue Edition Friday, July 5, 2019

Jony Ive, by John Siracusa, Hypercritical

If Ive has overstayed his usefulness at Apple, it is only by a little. Few careers in any field will ever match his run at Apple. His designs changed the tech industry forever, and he hit home run after home run on the playing field that he built.

It's often said that the best creative work requires limitations. In this case, another piece of industry wisdom also applies: success hides problems. But in the years to come, when I look back on Jony Ive's work at Apple, I doubt I'll dwell much on tail end, when he very nearly caught that thing he'd been chasing for his entire career. Will he ever catch it? Does anyone? I'm not sure it matters to me. After all, it's the chase that I love.

Diet Apps 'Can Exacerbate Eating Disorders', by BBC

An investigation by the BBC found more than 20 harmful entries generated by users of MyFitnessPal, Lose It! or Lifesum, including some promoting dangerous cycles of starving and binging.

Phrases such as "starved", "I overate and I hate my life", and "failure, fatty" were logged, among hundreds of thousands of legitimate food items.

Google Project Zero Reveals Bad iMessages Could Have Bricked Your iPhone , by Chris Duckett, ZDNet

"Receiving this message will cause Springboard to crash and respawn repeatedly, causing the UI not to be displayed and the phone to stop responding to input," the security researcher added.

"This condition survives a hard reset, and causes the phone to be unusable as soon as it is unlocked."


Agenda 6 Adds Full Reminders Integration, Revamped Timeline View, by Mike Schmitz, The Sweet Setup

Agenda is a unique date-based note taking app that allows you to organize your notes into a timeline that can help drive your projects forward. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a beautifully designed application for macOS and iOS that won an Apple Design Award at WWDC18. And with the recent release of version 6, it now offers full integration with the built-in Reminders app.

Swing: The Apple Watch Tennis App That Will Track Your Shots, by Stuart Miles, Pocket Lint

Swing is an Apple Watch app that uses machine learning to track how you hit a ball on the tennis court - giving you a chance to benefit from similar technologies to those used at Wimbledon.


From The Mac Startup Tone To The Skype Ring, Sound Designers Talk About The Legacy Of Their Work, by Thomas McMullan, Medium

"Today, most people around the world can recognize what the sound of a camera shutter means. Such specific sounds have a universal association that transcend languages and cultures, creating a global language of their own."

Apple Reimbursed Samsung $683 Million After Missing OLED Display Targets, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

Apple reimbursed Samsung 800 billion won ($683 million) to cover the cost of OLED panels after Apple missed a sales target both companies had agreed upon.

Apple originally said it would buy a certain number of the display panels from the South Korean company, but disappointing iPhone sales meant it was unable to live up to the agreement. The payment was made in the second quarter of this year.

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